Selah~Day 145

My 28 Thanks:

1. Judah and I got to church extra early. We had plenty of time to unload the car and setup for the day.

2. Nancy Wilkins and Aaron Rowin helped me carry up all the supplies to KidMotion. They were so kind and a tremendous help. I am so thankful for people who are there at the right place at the right time.

3. Some of my leaders were a little late to their posts for Sunday school, but the parents were understanding and flexible. It is so pleasant when we are understanding to the needs of others and help one another out.

4. We had a great prep and prayer time for KidMotion. My team is amazing. They always make me laugh.

5. Our small group activities were off the charts amazing today. The kids loved it.

6. Lorry Gail and Jose helped me illustrate the main message point today. They did great and the kids really understood the message.

7. I have so much fun in kids church.

8. Jeremy hit every transition perfectly on the sound/light board.

9. Tim and Lan, two new recruits, loved the service. I think they are keepers.

10. We had many details involved in today’s service and everything worked together perfectly.

11. Crossroads Kids know that they are loved.

12. Judah and I had lunch with some girlfriends after church. I rarely do that, but it was great company and great food.

13. Because we leave church so late, restaurants are NEVER crowded.

14. We ate out on the patio. It was a little chilly, but so nice. Judah made us all laugh too.

15. Cherryl Hodges came home with me today. She is always so willing to help me with Judah.

16. Judah loves Miss Barrell (Cherryl). He was thrilled that she spent the afternoon with us.

17. We had our first Christmas Production practice today. I can’t believe it is the last quarter of 2013.

18. Everyone showed up to the practice! And, they were all on time.

19. People are excited about this year’s production.

20. We are doing something completely different. We are doing a production style that has never been done before on our stage (that I know of anyway).

21. My life is not boring at all.

22. Gary had a great, safe day at the fire station.

23. Judah and I had a spontaneous dinner with Mrs. Debbie after church last night.

24. Mr. Bob and Mrs. Debbie are special people. We love them and their hearts for others, for kids, and for service.

25. They blessed us with our dinner.

26. Judah and I had a great Sunday together.

27. My home is in a safe and secure neighborhood.

28. Good night phone calls with my love.


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