Selah~Day 144

My 28 Thanks:

1. The kids slept through the storms last night.

2. Our power came back on rather quickly.

3. My mom was here with me, so I didn’t have to ride out the storm alone.

4. We went to a donut shop for breakfast. It is right by our house and is family owned and operated. The boys loved their donuts.

5. Gary got to go “treasure hunting” with his buddy, John.

6. Gary had a great time and HE FOUND A DOLLAR IN CHANGE…we are rich! It truly is all about the hunt and experience.

7. Gary fixed my car door. So, I can at least drive it.

8. We enjoyed a nice lunch with my family at Qdoba.

9. My family makes me laugh.

10. My mom made it home safely.

11. I have been fighting a runny nose, sore throat, itchy eyes, and a “hit by a bus” feeling. So, I called Lorry Gail and asked her to prepare a portion of my message notes to help me out tomorrow. She was more than willing.

12. Lorry Gail is so dependable and helpful. I can trust her to complete any task and complete is well.

13. We had a relaxing Saturday.

14. Rest in the Recliner.

15. Fall weather, Fall smells, Fall colors, and Fall clothes are HERE.

16. Because Judah was so obedient, we blessed him with a toy when shopping at Wal-Mart.

17. Judah loves his brand-new bulldozer and had a blast playing with it.

18. Judah is a thankful little boy.

19. I got all the items I needed to make our KidMotion service fantastic!

20. Gary and I cooked dinner together.

21. We made an awesome chicken tortilla soup. We are using up all the food and ingredients in our pantry. Not wasting anything.

22. Judah loved the chicken in the soup. We are branching out into new food items.

23. Sitting around the kitchen table, sharing stories and a great meal, is awesome and time well spent.

24. Gary vacuumed out my car for me. I love a clean car.

25. We followed an amazing bedtime routine. Bath, Bible Story, Prayers, and Sleep. Judah did it…he completed the routine in order.

26. Judah went to sleep at 9:00 p.m.

27. Gary hates to rub my feet, but he did it anyway. I wanted peppermint cream on my feet because it is amazing and Gary put it on there for me. So relaxing.

28. I am the pastor on call this week. I didn’t get a single call this weekend. All is well in the world, I guess?



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