Selah~Day 147

Tuesday, October 8

For those of you reading and keeping me accountable, sometimes I write in other ways and then transfer to the blog site. But, I always give thanks to my LORD! He is so deserving and so worthy to be praised. 

My 27 Thanks:

1. Tuesday is Staff Chapel day. It is my one service where I rarely have responsibility. It is nice to spend some time with others in the presence of the Lord.

2. We got to do a group activity in Staff Chapel. I love group work.

3. My team was made up of so many different personalities. I love how everyone views things from a different perspective. 

4. We laughed a lot in our discussion.

5. The Lord spoke something special to me in staff meeting concerning dreams.

6. We can dream again.

7. I am almost done with Dr. Rutland’s book, Relaunch. There are so many profound truths in that one book.

8. Truth.

9. My friend, Angela, gave me a pat on the back during staff meeting. I had an emotional moment. It is nice to know people care.

10. Starla and I had a great conversation and covered much planning ground.

11. Starla loves to learn and loves to help me out.

12. “It’s a small world” moments are super cool.

13. The new song, Hope Will Rise, from Warr Acres is amazing. It is so anointed and powerful. I am so excited for my new friend, Kristy Starling and her band.

14. Pastor Marcia helped me figure out a confusing report.

15. Judah always greets me with a big smile. I love coming home to that sweet boy!

16. Gary always greets me with a kiss. I love coming home to him too.

17. My neighbor lady just had total knee replacement surgery. She is finally up and getting around. 

18. Our neighborhood “boo-ed” us. Someone left us a basket of Halloween goodies. I love quirky neighborhood games. 

19. Austin, one of our builders, stopped by for a chat. He loves what we have done with the inside of the house.

20. Our builders, Cheatham Construction, are having one of their best years. I am so excited for them.

21. Judah was fussy for most of the evening. He was simply exhausted. I am glad he fell asleep at 7:30. He needed the rest.

22. Gary ran to the store and bought me a few Vegan friendly foods.

23. Healthy eating.

24. I didn’t crave anything outside of my new meal options.

25. Gary and I had a deep conversation.

26. Early bedtime.

27. Amazing, complete rest. 



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