Selah~Day 148

Wednesday, October 9

My 27 Thanks:

1. It’s another beautiful day filled with opportunity.

2. Judah was excited to go to school.

3. He got to meet another fire fighter and walk through a fire truck at his school today. Judah loves fire safety, fire fighters, and fire trucks. I wonder why?!?!?

4. When I asked Judah what he would do if he saw fire, he responded, “I would grab a hose and put water on it!” Love that kid and love hearing his solutions!

5. Judah adds so much spice to my life, yet he helps keep things in perspective. He simplifies my life.

6. When telling a story, Judah uses BIG facial expressions. He is so my kid.

7. My brother-in-law, Eric, helped Gary pick up our fence panels. I am so appreciative. He saved Gary having to make multiple trips.

8. Gary finished setting all the fence poles in the nick of church time.

9. When I got home, I literally had 5 minutes before needing to leave for church.  Judah was already bathed, dressed, and almost finished with dinner.

10. My husband is a superstar!

11. We got to ride to church together as a family.

12. Judah uses an orange crayon whenever he is coloring a picture of Jesus. Orange is his favorite color.

13. Judah has a heart for Jesus.

14. I had a most wonderful, exciting conversation with Janelle today. Her future is full of LIFE!

15. Gary is back on Wednesday night in Kids Ministry.

16. Ministry is so much better with him by my side.

17. Several of my KidMotion boys helped me haul up huge bags of candy for the fall festival. They made my 10 trips turn into ONE.

18. Teamwork!

19. Jameson helped me clean up my KidMotion MAC. It is so much easier to locate items now.

20. Two of my 6th grade leader girls, Ceana and Jiliian, helped me organize candy for the fall festival.

21. One of my Ranger commanders was out sick, but Jose and Michael took over his class with no problems. I work with a great, flexible team who loves to serve others.

22. One of my leaders, Angela, made it back early from a business trip. Instead of taking it easy and resting up from her trip, she came to church and taught her class!

23. I had a great conference call with my new Video Producer friend, David Callahan. I think we are almost done with a HUGE video production undertaking.

24. We recorded the puppet sketches for this year’s Christmas Production. Chase Parsons is such a voice talent. We had a blast. We had to do a couple of retakes because we all started laughing so hard. It is going to be a FUN Christmas.

25. Amy Hoover always offers sweet words of encouragement to me.

26. I didn’t have to walk to my car by myself after church. Gary was with me!

27. Home.



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