Selah~Day 155

Wednesday, October 16

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is off work today.

2. Gary came home and within an hour fixed two flat tires on my car!

3. Gary also charged my dead battery. Judah was playing in my car and turned the key on (just barely) and I didn’t catch it. So, my car was dead the next morning.

4. He was able to do it all in under an hour! He is one handy husband.

5. My dad is so glad that I married someone who can care for me in the vehicle department.

6. I listened to an amazing message by Joyce Meyer this morning while getting ready for work.

7. My words are a container of power. I can choose to use it for good or bad.

8. I had a great dental check-up.

9. Judah smiled for the hygientist and she said his teeth are perfectly spaced and look great too.

10. Dental insurance.

11. Health insurance. And, I don’t have to do Obamacare!

12. Pastor Ted, Pastor Marcia, and I met to discuss a very exciting possibility.

13. Change. God has a way of changing your heart. You are the happiest and the most powerful when you are in the center of His will. Don’t fight it…embrace it!

14. The Lord has spoken change to a friend of mine and she is walking it out. Over night, God has changed the desires of her heart and she is following His leading.

15. We had a healthy dinner tonight before church.

16. We had time to eat at home before going back to church.

17. The kids were incredibly mellow for a Wednesday night. I enjoyed the quiet change.

18. I love my Wednesday night girls group. They are so fun. We have a great time together.

19. We talked about the non-negotiable, core value INTEGRITY in my girls group tonight! I am glad that I strive to be a person who is please with her actions and attitude even when no one is looking.

20. My girls really participated in the lesson and seem to be young ladies who strive for that character as well.

21. I saw several new faces at church tonight.

22. I saw some familiar faces return home to Crossroads tonight.

23. Healthy conflict brings resolve.

24. A friend of mine doesn’t get to come to Wednesday night church very often at all. But, she came tonight and Pastor Ted’s message really ministered to her in a great way.

25. Charles, our Head security officer, is amazing. He is so kind and so respectful. I love having him upstairs watching over us. I am so thankful for him and his friendship and care.

26. Warm Pajamas.

27. I have a roof over my head and don’t have to be with the approaching cold weather.


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