Selah~Day 156

Thursday, October 17

My 27 Thanks:

1. It is a most beautiful day!

2. I am so glad all of my teacher friends get a Fall Break. Breaks are so important for teachers. They have to have a time to refuel.

3. My mom took Judah and my nephews to the park 2 different times today. They loved feeding the ducks.

4. I met them at the park later in the day. When Judah saw me walking towards him, he ran for me with open arms and a big smile.

5. Judah wanted to hold my hand as we walked to a different area of the park.

6. Pastor Marc is super creative too! He is a triple threat…sings, acts, and preaches. I don’t think he can dance though! I enjoy working with him in the area of creative.

7. I have worked on a project for two months now. It was a new area of expertise for me. I learned much about the area of video production and telling a story through video. Today, it was completed…FINALIZED…

8. Completion.

9. We are looking at a new approach to our kids ministry design plans that may solve a question that we have been pondering.

10. Lori Rowin is a Rockstar! She sees the big picture.

11. The event center is nearing completion and it looks amazing!

12. Gary and I got to have lunch together.

13. Sunday’s setup was easier than normal. Sunday is ready to go!

14. I helped a friend look at a difficult situation at work from a different perspective.

15. Different perspectives are important. Perspectives help you see things from a different angle. They can also help you see through the dark and find some light.

16. I haven’t seen my little sister in months. But, she came up for a visit during her fall break. I can’t believe she is almost done with college.

17. I met her new “friend.” He is so kind, polite, and a hard-working young man.

18. Judah was super dirty. He literally had dirt all over him, he was covered in sweat, and he ruined his socks. He had a great, fun day.

19. My son loves to be outside. I am so glad that he doesn’t know about video games. I plan to NEVER introduce them into our home. We shall see:)

20. Thursday nights are my Friday nights!

21. I sang Judah to sleep.

22. He likes my voice.

23. My mom sang me to sleep all the time as a little girl. I still remember the 3 most popular tunes she would sing. I loved them. They were “Beloved…Let us love one another,” “Cheer Up…Cheer Up…You Saint of God,” and “Jesus, There’s Just Something About that Name.” I have never felt more at peace then when singing the about the Name of Jesus.

24. Peace comes when you speak His name.

25. I laid in bed and watched a chick flick!

26. Gary massaged my hands.

27. My even was relaxing and calm. Two of my favorite things….


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