Selah~Day 177

Thursday, November 7

My 27 Thanks:

1. Creative meeting was filled with intense discussion and laughter. We covered a lot of ground though.

2. Brandon and my team thanked me for being such a good sport about the Human Sundae. Hey, I am good with taking one, but only one,  for the team.

3. Dorothy is an amazing blessing. She took back all the cooking products we didn’t use for the Fall Festival. Wow! She saved me hours of time.

4. Pastor Marcia is full of wise counsel. I am glad that she shares it with me.

5. I always have opportunities to grow.

6. I was able to spend some quiet time at home this afternoon working on my sermon for Sunday.

7. Sunday can now happen in Kidmotion. It is unusual for me to wait until Thursday to work on Sunday. But, the Fall Festival took the majority of the early part of the week.

8. We are wrapping up our series on Obedience. It has been a great, successful series. A majority of all the kids know the series power verse, the 6 week Big Ideas, and can recall the different Bible stories we used to teach each lesson point. Yes, success!

9. Judah took a really long nap this afternoon. He was exhausted from our week and I am so glad I was able to bring him home and let him take a nap in his bed. It worked too. He rested for almost 3 hours.

10. Judah woke up in a great, rested mood.

11. Judah and I spent the evening playing with play-doh in the floor.

12. We also colored pictures together. He loves to help me with my pictures.

13. I have wood floors, so it doesn’t matter what we get on them because they clean up so easily.

14. Zach and his Master Commission friends came through OKC on his way back to Dallas. They stopped to say hi to us. Judah was thrilled to see Zach and wanted to go home with him.

15. Pastor Ted and Tami got to see their son! Even though he only got to visit for a couple of hours, they were thrilled to see him. I can’t imagine the day when Judah moves off to school. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

16. I love visiting with young people who have committed their lives to God and to His will and purpose for their life. It is so refreshing and gives us hope for our future.

17. I heard from a friend from college today. He is doing well and making a difference in the lives of kids.

18. Baby Kyla is finally here. She is beautiful and precious.

19. Bethany is doing well.

20. She loved the bouquet and balloons that Amy and I sent to her. They made her smile and cry.

21. I know Bethany Johnson. I am forever grateful of the time God gave me with Bethany. She has a very special place in my heart. I miss seeing her everyday.

22. The Hallmark Christmas movie marathon is on and tonight’s selection is wonderful.

23. Gary is at the Fire Station, so he doesn’t have to turn in his “man-card” and watch my movie tonight.

24. I believe in “Happily Ever After.”

25. Even though we walk through trials, tests, and tragedy…Gary, Judah, and I live a happy, wonderful life.

26. Gary and I are always open and honest with one another. We handle each other with great care.

27. Laughter.


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