Selah~Day 176

My 27 Thanks:

1. I don’t praise Him because of what He has done, but rather, I praise Him because of Who He is. And, that is enough.

2. His is the Great I Am in my life.

3. I awoke to another beautiful day full of activities.

4. Activity keeps you alive. It keeps you moving.

5. The Fall Festival event always brings back sweet memories of my pregnancy with Judah. I was 7 mos. pregnant with Judah when I led my 2nd Fall Festival. By the time of the event, I spent most of it in my car with my feet elevated. It was the ONLY time in that pregnancy that my ankles were swollen. I guess 10 hours on my feet wasn’t the best.

6. Festival prep went smoothly.

7. Some great friends came and helped out with the setup.

8. Because of all the rain we have received and the cooler temps, we had to move a portion of the event inside. I am glad that we have a large gym floor with lots of open space.

9. I called Heather Draper last-minute and asked her to help me make the gym beautiful with her famous paper corn stalks. She didn’t even have to think about it. I appreciate her.

10. Ronny and Diane Walls have the sweetest of spirits. They just jump in and do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

11. I love working with our newest team member, Hugo. He is such a great help and has an awesome attitude. He was a great help with the Festival setup too.

12. We were ahead of schedule with setup, so we got to take a lunch break and eat Qdoba.

13. It is not raining. It’s chilly, but not wet.

14. The trunk or treats were so creative and fun. I loved seeing individual creativity in each trunk.

15. Everyone of my volunteers showed up on time and ready to go. I know how tough it is to show up to an event at 5:15, especially if you have worked all day. But, my team makes it work.

16. Tonight, I realized that I am not perfect. 2 hours before the event, I realized that I didn’t get the 1500 buns to go along with the 1500 Franks. Thankfully, Suzanne Steele took my church card and went to Wal-Mart and purchased all the buns we needed. She is a superstar shopper.

17. Then, I realized that Sams Club click and pull is not error-proof. Instead of sending me 30 cases of 50 bags of individually wrapped chips, they sent me 30 bags of chips. So, Kayla took her church card and ran and purchased me the chips I needed. She is a superstar shopper too.

18. The team was great about my mishaps. We laughed and joked about turning the cookout portion into a low carb Crossroads Meal Night. I love my team.

19. I learned a lesson. ALWAYS check your product before the day of an event.

20. Crossroads is home to so many faces. I saw many of those faces come home tonight to Crossroads for the Festival.

21. Home is your safe place, your sanctuary, the place that you feel most comfortable, the place you know you can always come back to because its arms are open wide to receive you. I have two great homes.

22. Impact Young Adults raised close to $3,000 for the Human Sundae event. I can’t believe I won.

23. Being turned into a human sundae could possibly be the grossest experience of my life. I am glad that so many enjoyed watching the whole thing unfold.

24. Some guys from SNU came and picked up all the hay from the festival. I am so glad we were able to help them with their homecoming festivities and I am so glad they picked up all the hay for us!

25. We had so much help with the Fall Festival tear down that it only took 1 hour.

26. The event was successful and I heard many comment about how much fun they had.

27. Pastor Tami and I made some fun memories tonight after the Human Sundae experience. I am so glad that she was able to help me out. We laughed a lot.


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