Selah~Day 188

Wednesday, November 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. I slept through the night and finally got more rest.

2. The Lord designed two ways for us to breathe, nose and mouth. When one is clogged, the other works perfectly. I am so thankful for this back up plan.

3. Judah woke up and was really excited about his “Harvest Fall Festival Party” at school today. I love how he throws in every word he has recently heard to describe his party.

4. Gary’s station officer granted him two hours of leave to attend Judah’s party.

5. Judah was thrilled to see both Gary and I show up to the party.

6. We met other parents, as well as Judah’s little friends. It is such a sweet environment.

7. Judah’s teachers are absolutely amazing. They are so kind, sweet, and loving. They both have a very sweet presence about them.

8. Gary and I ran the game portion of the party. Trying to get 12 3 year olds to play games in an organized fashion was a learning experience. Where was Mrs. Lori when I needed her? It was fun though and I didn’t try to organize it like crazy. I was actually relaxed.

9. I am totally going to be one of those PTA moms.

10. Every child in Judah’s class had a parent or grandparent represented. Wow, 100% participation from parents is amazing. I hope this continues.

11. Judah made a “I Am Thankful” for….book in his class. I cried reading it. The first picture was one of Gary, Judah, and me. He colored his dad an oranger color (Gary’s favorite color). He colored me green (My favorite color). He colored himself red (Judah’s 2nd favorite color next to orange, but he let his daddy be orange). Isn’t that so smart and sweet?!?!?!

12. Judah and I got to rest before heading back to church.

13. Lorry Gail went thrift store shopping for our clown costumes.

14. She found some costumes at a great price too.

15. The crate Terry made for our puppet sketches is AWESOME. And, the front porch prop is better than I even imagined.

16. I had enough energy to complete an entire night of Kidz Ministry.

17. The kids love coming to church. There is always an extra dose of energy on Wednesday nights.

18. I have such a helpful team. They are so loving and kind.

19. Ava got the Angel Tree setup in the Welcome Center. And, we have identified almost 150 angels for the tree.

20. I am so thankful that Grant gave Judah a piece of pizza. Judah was hungry because he wouldn’t eat dinner earlier. I didn’t want to make a stop to get him food, so the pizza saved the day.

21.  I wasn’t the last one to leave the church. So, I didn’t have to walk out to my car alone. Lorry Gail stayed with me and we walked together.

22. Judah and I ooooed and awwwwed over the Christmas lights popping up as we drove home.

23. I get to park my car in a garage.

24. Cough Drops.

25. Kleenex with lotion.

26. My mom taught me at a young age how to pray healing scriptures over my body.

27. I can call on the Lord and He hears my cry.


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