Selah~Day 187

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is home today.

2. I didn’t feel well upon waking up, but I got ready for the day anyway!

3. Judah woke up in the best of moods and greeted me with a huge smile.

4. Gary made me breakfast while I got ready for work.

5. We started another John Maxwell leadership book in staff chapel.

6. I love having the opportunity to learn more effective ways to lead others.

7. Anyone can be a leader. It doen’st matter their position/title. You can choose to lead right were you are!

8. Position and Title is the lowest form of leadership. Leadership is all about trust, relationship, vision, and production.

9. I can lead up, down, and all aroud.

10. We had a great, brief brainstorm session about an topic that is very exciting to me in staff meeting.

11. I started feeling really yucky and was able to go home immediately to rest.

12. I didn’t throw up even though I thought I would.

13. Gary tried to keep Judah occupied so I could rest.

14. They launched a new software at work today that will help us store information. This is going to make information more accessible and organized. Love it!

15. Kayla did great work getting this available for us. I am thankful.

16. One of the great Angela’s in my life is going to organize one fantastic Cast Party for our Christmas show.

17. I enjoyed a nice, surprise visit with my mother-in-law. I love being around her.

18. The Lord gave me the energy and the strength to make food for two other families tonight.

19. Yes, I cooked! I was able to bless 2 families with homemade chicken pot pies.

20. We enjoyed a visit with the Casares family. Their newborn is still in the NICU.

21. Baby Zeke is doing better, gaining weight, and his temp is up. He should be coming home soon.

22. Gloria is doing so much better after her surgery.

23. Pastor Tami checked in on me this evening.

24. My curtains are done and they are beautiful. I love my burlap fabric.

25. Gary spent over an hour hanging them for me.

26. The Lord is my HEALER.

27. My body has to line up with the Word of God.


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