Selah~Day 196

My 27 Thanks:

1. My mom kept Judah for us, so both Gary and I could attend the funeral of a retired firefighter and family friend.

2. The funeral service for Paul Benson was full of beautiful memories and honor.

3. I got to say hello to many faces that I haven’t seen in a while.

4. All the firemen wore their Class A uniforms to show honor and respect. They looked so sharp.

5. I got to sit next to the most handsome one of them all…and, he is my husband!

6. After the funeral, we all went to the fire station so Station 8 could get a group picture in their Class As. In the 10 years that Gary has served, he has only worn his Class A two times. So, we needed to capture a picture.

7. Gary and I got a great picture together too.

8. I love the guys at Station 8. I will be so sad when Gary has to leave in a month or so. It has been his home away from home for 6+ years now.

9. Gary will be transferring out of Station 8 due to a promotion! I am so excited for him and this new opportunity for leadership and growth.

10. The guys at Station 8 will miss Gary too. Gary is the type of guy that people want to be around. Okay…I am a little partial.

11. We didn’t go true black Friday shopping. But, we did get out a little bit and got a couple of items for a great price.

12. The stores make it easy to shop from your home computer and still get in on some of the savings. I prefer that over crazy crowds any day.

13. Some of my family members went out in the madness and they got amazing deals. I am so glad for them.

14. Gary got a great deal on a set of drill bits. He already used them today. He has been so excited about those tools. I even heard him thanking God for his new tool set.

15. A Spirit of Thanksgiving resides in our Home. Even Judah’s getting in on the action.

16. We ate yummy leftovers all day. And, someone left a chocolate pie, a pecan pie, a pumpkin pie, and a pumpkin cheesecake at my house. What were they thinking? Thankfully, I have only eaten ONE piece of dessert in two days!

17. My family made it home safely to their homes.

18. We played Legos together as a family. Both Gary and I enjoy building different things with Judah. I actually find it very relaxing.

19. We had a lovely, relaxing evening at home.

20. We put up all of our Fall decorating items and pulled out Christmas.

21. I finally figured out a way to rearrange my furniture so the tree will fit. I had to get rid of one chair, but it works.

22. I am so glad I have wood floors and felt bottoms on all furniture. It makes rearranging a breeze.

23. Judah had a blast helping us put up the big tree. He was a little sad though when we turned on the lights and realized they were not rainbow-colored.

24. Everything I have is because of God’s Grace…EVERYTHING. I am thankful for His Grace. 

25. I am not entitled to healing, but it is a gift given. I am not entitled to a spouse, but I am blessed with one. I am not entitled to receive a job, but I am provided with one. I don’t want to take for granted the amazing things God has blessed me with.

26. I am not thankful to God in order to remind Him how good He is, but rather, I am thankful to God to remind ME  how good He is to me.

27. I serve an extraordinary God.


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