Selah~Day 202

My 27 Thanks:

I knew when I wrote my Thankful blog on pieces of literature I would later think about other pieces that had an impact on my life. Sure enough, it only took about 5 minutes before I found myself saying, “Why didn’t I give that piece props?” So, I am going to begin this thankful list with a few more literature pieces.

1. Good Morning, Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn. This book helped me understand the power of the Holy Spirit. How important it is to tell your guide, your comforter, your advocate, etc…that you welcome Him into your day.

2. Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro. I can’t talk much about this book right now. I am still emotionally tied to it. Wow! What a read.

3. The Diary of Anne Frank. When I spent a summer in Washington, D.C., I toured the Holocaust Museum. I cried through the entire tour. I couldn’t help but think about Anne and what fear she bravely walked through.

4. The bad weather came in later than forecasted, so I didn’t have any difficulty getting to work.

5. I got a lot of work done before I even went into work for the day.

6. My oriental trading shipment came in on time. Now, Christmas can begin in Kidz Ministry.

7. Gary and Judah came up to help me setup for our opening morning of It’s Christmas Time. 

8. My little family of three enjoys being together. Together is our favorite place to be.

9. Judah finds so many creative ways to entertain himself while we work.

10. We had a great tech rehearsal for our Christmas production. It was smooth, simple, and fast.

11. All stage designs are done.

12. All props are purchased and in place.

13. I have never been ahead of the game in a production before.

14. Pastor Tami showed me a few more skills on planning center. I love learning how to use great tools for my benefit.

15. The sound booth is clean and organized. I work much better in cleanliness.

16. Gary is doing a fantastic job running sound board. He has so many tech cues and he is hitting them all.

17. Judah walked around singing Christmas songs off and on today. I love hearing his sweet little voice sing songs.

18. Starla and I had a heart to heart conversation. It was good.

19. We got to leave work a little early due to bad weather.

20. We drove home very slowly, but made it safely.

21. I love experiencing this weather with Judah. He is absolutely amazed by the snow and super thrilled.

22. Gary and I cooked together in the kitchen.

23. We have an evening at home.

24. I try to make the most of every moment.

25. It’s snowing.

26. I will not let the snow and bad weather steal my joy. It can steal another one of my practice nights, but it can’t steal my joy. Ha Ha Ha!

27. When I lay my head down to sleep, I will sleep in sweet peace.


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