Selah~Day 204

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary made it home safe from the fire station and he brought donuts. Judah was thrilled.

2. Gary gave me my first Christmas surprise today. It is my favorite kind of surprise-time with my family all together-he got off for an entire tour.

3. He is mostly taking off a tour so he can help me with Christmas duties at church. He is so thoughtful and kind and willing to serve.

4. We have jobs with benefits. We are so blessed.

5. Gary got to take Judah out to play in the snow. Gary is a much better playmate for Judah. He actually rolls around in it with him.

6. Gary loves to play with his son.

7. Haircuts at home. Saves money and looks good too. Let me clarify…the boys get their haircuts at home.

8. We have warm socks, warm shoes, warm coats, and warm gloves. Wow, it has been so cold and I am so thankful for warm clothes to wear in these harsh elements.

9. My neighbors pulled up the trash cans for me. We always try to see who can go out to get them first. Well, they won and in the snow!

10. Judah wore a pair of nice shoes today. Miracles do happen!

11. I found my tart cherry juice at the health food store. I picked up a bottle for my in-laws too.

12. The lady at the health food store was super helpful. Good costumer service is priceless.

13. Christmas Carols.

14. We took the Kidz Ministry kidcrew to a local nursing home to sing carols and hand out gifts.

15. Acts of kindness and love. That is what Christmas should be about.

16. Every kid who came brought gifts to hand out. We had more than 71 gifts. Everyone at the nursing home, including the nurse staff, got gifts.

17. The residents were beyond thrilled that we were there.

18. Care and Concern for the elderly. We should always show honor and respect.

19. We took the kids to Logan’s Steakhouse. They were so well-behaved. We have a great group of kids.

20. The waitresses who served us were excellent. Not one meal was messed up.

21. Logan’s gave us an incredible deal. All the kids got dessert for free too.

22. Bob, Debbie, Dale, Stella, and Deborah all gave up a Saturday in December to do ministry with kids. They all had a blast with the kids and even thanked me for letting them go. Wow! What an amazing group of leaders.

23. We launch our Christmas series, “It’s Christmas Time,” in Crossroads Kidz Ministry tomorrow. I love the message of Christmas.

24. Jesus was God’s perfect plan to redeem mankind. He wasn’t Plan B….He was the Perfect Plan.

25. God’s plans are always perfect.

26. I rocked Judah in the recliner tonight and sang to him all the songs my mom sang to me as a little girl. He asked me why I sing the name of Jesus. It was a beautiful teaching moment.

27. The name of Jesus.


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