Selah~Day 206

Monday, December 9

My 27 Thanks:

1. My muscles didn’t ache as much this morning as the night before. I am so thankful that rest does a body good.

2. I can walk, run, jump, skip, and hop. I can move. I am so thankful that I don’t have any type of handicap that would make those things difficult or impossible.

3. I was able to get some much-needed work done before I went to work.

4. One of my kidmin kids, Patrick, had an emergency appendectomy. He made it through surgery just fine.

5. He was released from the hospital today too. Wow! He recovered so well.

6. My brother-in-law made it through surgery just fine today. He has a longer road to recovery, but he will feel so much better in the long run.

7. Aaron and Jameson spent most of their day tying up loose ends of the production. I appreciate their work.

8. Pastor Tami came up and helped me clear out the stage even more. It looks so good and simplified. It’s also fun to chit-chat while you work. Guys don’t really care for the chit-chat as much as another woman! Ha Ha

9. Gary helped me finalize props and prepare the details of the production for the practice.

10. We are having a Monday night practice because everyone asked for it. I am so glad they all want to get in as much practice time as possible.

11. I met a new member of the orchestra tonight. His name is Dillon. He told me how much he enjoyed playing the music in the show.

12. I took a chunk of skin out of my finger tonight. I was putting the puppets into their place and hit the puppet crate rather hard. I bled on the roll of gaff tape I was holding. My sweet little friend, Peyton, quickly offered to run and find me a band-aid. She did too.

13. We had a great, smooth rehearsal. Each night of rehearsal gets better and better.

14. I am so thankful for willing hearts to serve.

15. Dustin has great creativity with lights. I love how he is using lights to enhance parts of the production.

16. Michelle made banana nut bread for Gary and me. It is yummy and a much appreciated snack.

17. The school cancellations have worked in my favor. Several of my performers had different after school events scheduled this week and they were going to miss final rehearsals, but when school is cancelled, so are after school activities.

18. Great attitudes and flexibility.

19. Everyone has been working really hard on their parts and it shows.

20. The spirit of a team.

21. Pastor Tami, Chemise, and I had a very funny moment. It will be a moment that I remember for a long time. I like moments like that!

22. The prayer team prayed over me tonight before rehearsal. I love corporate prayer.

23. My black Friday boot purchase arrived in the mail. They are exactly what I hoped they would be…cute, comfortable, and they were cheap!

24. My in-laws kept Judah tonight during our rehearsal. It was nice to not have him up at the church for such a long period of time. He enjoys playing at their house in his PJs.

25. They offered to let him spend the night, but he didn’t want too. He wanted to spend the night with his mommy and daddy. When I picked him up, Judah said, “Mommy, I was crying at mom-moms because I just wanted you!” He makes my heart smile.

26. Bedtime snuggles with my little love. He keeps me balanced.

27. I walk with Peace.


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