Selah~Day 219 “And He Shall be Called…COUNSELOR!”

He is our counselor. The Word of God tells us in Proverbs that there is wisdom in a multitude of counsel. But, we should be very selective with who we allow to speak into our lives. Ultimately, Jesus should be the first One that we run to for guidance, advice, insight, and direction. His sweet Holy Spirit will guide us into all truths for our lives. Now, I do believe that Jesus uses others to speak Godly wisdom, direction, and guidance into our lives at times. Nevertheless, we have to be so careful with who we allow to speak to us.

Eve walked with God and talked with God. Unfortunately, she also chose to heed the “counsel” of the serpent. Because she entertained his guidance, she fell into disobedience against God, causing sin to enter the world. The devil’s evil counsel caused a woman to rebel against her Maker. The counsel that she listened to did not restore her, but rather destroyed her.

The counsel that comes from the Lord is delivered in love, full of wisdom, and provides a solid foundation, all at the same time. Think about those in your life right now who you sometimes go to for counsel. Sometimes they may be very sweet in their advice, but is it wise? Or, do they give you advice, but it isn’t too sweet? Or, maybe they give you counsel, but there is no sympathy in their delivery.

When we go to the Lord, we get love, we get wisdom, we get sympathy, we get guidance, all at the same time. He is our counselor. It is in His DNA. Go to Him…He is the First one to run to.

My 27 Thanks:

1. Morning quiet time is the best. I enjoyed my morning with the Word and a Word study.

2. I got all my laundry caught up. Praise God.

3. We lounged around in our pajamas. I am off work for several days!!!!

4. My family has arrived.

5. My mom and I went and had lunch together.

6. We also got our hair done together.

7. We shared lots of laughs with each other and with April at the hair salon.

8. April always does an amazing job on our hair. She is fabulous and a talent.

9. My dad and Gary finally figured out why our fireplace remote wasn’t working. They fixed it!

10. Finding solutions to problems.

11. I enjoyed a nice conversation with my childhood pastor, V. O. Stuart. It was so nice to hear his voice again. He is so encouraging and full of the Word of God.

12. Encouraging Words.

13. I cooked dinner for my family and they loved it. My dad went back for seconds and then thirds. He really liked it.

14. My parents bought our guest bed a brand new mattress. I guess they were tired of sleeping on the old one when they visited. Now, they will sleep comfortably when they come.

15. My mom, Haley, and I made cookies in the kitchen. I don’t know if we have ever all baked together.

16. Judah loved helping. He kept saying, “I want to make more treats, Hawey.”

17. Haley taught us how to play this really fun game called Heads Up. It was a cheap app that you could download from the app store and provided so much fun.

18. Everyone played the game. My dad played too and had so much fun.

19. My parents are so funny. They both provide great entertainment for all.

20. Games.

21. Fun Times.

22. I serve a God of Wonder and amazement.

23. You can never get bored serving God. He is so vast, you never run out of things to discover about Him.

24. God chose to deliver the good news of His Son’s birth to the Shepherds, who were the lowest among people. And, the Shepherds quickly ran to see Jesus.

25. Jesus came to be the perfect, spotless, sacrificial lamb of God.

26. Jesus is both fully God and fully man. He identifies with us as humans and then rescues us as God!

27. From the mouth of my sweet Judah, “Only two more ‘beeps’ until Mis Mas day.”


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