Selah~Day 222

My 27 Thanks:

1. I always miss my husband when he has to report to the fire station. I am so thankful that I miss him when he is gone. I have heard others before say that they would love to have a break from their spouse. After 9 years of marriage, I would rather be with him than anywhere else. I miss him.

2. Gary has a great job that supports us well.

3. Gary loves his job. It provides something new everyday. He never knows what he may get to do that day when going in to the station.

4. Gary doesn’t have a lazy bone in his body. He is a hard worker and always puts his best in whatever he does. A hard-working man is super attractive.

5. My dad and sister are going back home today, but my mom is staying with me!

6. My mom has work and home life to get back to, but she is putting it off for one more day to hang out with me.

7. We are going to get to have mother-daughter shopping time. Judah is coming along too.

8. My mom encourages me and always wants the very best for me.

9. My mom makes me laugh all the time.

10. My mom encouraged me to take digestive enzymes. After having my gall bladder removed 3 years ago, I have struggled with tummy issues often. After surgery, the doctor didn’t tell me anything about enzymes. So, I started taking some of my mom’s enzymes this week and they have helped tremendously.

11. Natural Health.

12. Judah made us laugh multiple times in the mall.  Every time I got into a line to check out, he had to go to the potty immediately. He was so funny too. While standing in one line, he said loudly with big eyes, “Mommy, I am going to poop in one minute!” I love for him to announce those things to the entire store.

13. Because I had to leave the line and take Judah to the bathroom, my mom bought my sweater for me. I tried to pay her for it, but she wouldn’t let me. She loves to give.

14. I have a son who can provide funny, embarrassing moments.

15. Judah was great in the crowded mall.

16. Mom and I had lunch at our favorite spot, Pei Wei.

17. I picked up all the needed items for Judah’s family birthday party.

18. The lady at the Crest bakery was super helpful in choosing a perfect cupcake cake for Judah.

19. I am learning to keep things simple.

20. Judah fell asleep in the car and I still had a few stops to make. My mom sat in the car with him and let him nap. It is so nice to have an errand running travelling buddy.

21. Judah is so excited about his birthday party. He is very aware that he is growing bigger and he tells me about it all the time…sniff, sniff, sniff.

22. My mom got to have a nice visit with her younger sister. She doesn’t get to see her siblings often, so I was glad she got to have this chance to visit with her.

23. Judah and I played games on the floor. He loves playing games, but I think he loves games because I play them with him.

24. Embarrassing moments that make for great memories and lots of laughter.

25. Quality time with my mom.

26. Abby is holding down the fort at the office, so I truly am not having to work on my days off. I am so thankful for a complete break from the office for a few days.

27. Refreshing times.


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