Selah~Day 223

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary came home ready to help me get the party started.

2. Judah loved the “Happy Birthday” banner I bought to hang in our house. He asked if we could leave it up for a long time.

3. Birthdays! I love to make people feel special on their special day!

4. We are playing fun, old-fashioned games at Judah’s party.

5. All of Judah’s OKC cousins are getting to come to the party. There is a full birthday party invite list just with his cousins. We all had kids at the same time…8 to be exact.

6. Pizza…it makes for a great, easy meal for parties.

7. I live super close to Crest and a pizza place.

8. The Crest cupcakes were perfect and super yummy. For Judah’s first birthday, Crest messed up his cake. They even misspelled his name. I have to admit, I both laughed and cried. But, everyone deserves a second chance. They do a great job and the product is amazing.

9. The weather was perfect, so we could take the kids outside to play the games!

10. Judah was so excited and enjoyed every minute of his party.

11. The silly string fight was super fun and a huge success. I was covered with silly string.

12. Gary’s sister, Kelli, is here for a visit. It is so good to see her and Kaden and Natalie.

13. Nate, Kelli’s husband, is serving overseas in the military. He will be home from a year of active duty in February.

14. The sacrifice that military families make for our freedom.

15. Gary’s family stayed over the entire day. The kids had a blast and the adults had fun too.

16. My dad made us a “corn hole” game. We love that game and play it all the time. Gary’s family especially loves that game and they always have fun playing it.

17. Laughter with family.

18. My mom made it home safely.

19. My entire family, both mine and Gary’s, gets along well. We all love each other and want to spend time with each other.

20. Quiet after a storm.

21. Hand massages.

22. Judah was exhausted and fell asleep at 7:30. I am so glad he is getting the much-needed rest and Gary and I are getting some down time together.

23. We watched a movie together.

24. It was a great, action packed movie that was actually clean. I think I heard two curse words…maybe.

25. I don’t have any parties or events on my calendar to organize for at least a month!

26. We are an incredibly blessed family.

27. My hope comes from the Lord.


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