Selah~Day 226

My 27 Thanks:

1. We all slept until 9:00 a.m. It felt so good to not have any specific wake up times.

2. There are times in our lives when we get to stay up really late and sleep in the next morning. I am having one of those times!

3. Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate. Dr. Oz did a special on it back in 2011. But, I just recently discovered this amazing natural health product. It is good for a natural sleep aid, heart care, joint inflammation, and the #2 most powerful antioxidant. I take it at night before going to sleep. It is tart, but so good for my health.

4. I am very interested in taking care of my physical health.

5. God designed our bodies to heal themselves. We just have to be good stewards and feed it the right fuel.

6. Gary, Judah, and I all helped take down Christmas decorations.

7. Even though we were all pretty sad to see the tree come down, we enjoyed working on it together.

8. Judah kept saying, “Can we pretend that the tree is still up?” I love his sweet heart.

9. My wood floors survived the Christmas season of decor and foot travel.

10. My home is a comfortable place to live.

11. Gary hauled the 7 tubs of Christmas decor up the stairs to the attic. I am so thankful that I don’t have to do this type of work.

12. We stayed in our pajamas until noon!

13. Judah and I had fun building a farm out of duplo blocks. I love to build and he loves to knock down. But, the farm did survive for a while.

14. Gary took care of so many lingering to-do items today. He was on a role.

15. Judah and I took a nap together in our favorite chair. We didn’t mean to, but it happened.

16. We have so much fun watching Monsters University. We have watched it about 5 times together. I love hearing Judah laugh throughout that movie. He especially loves the part were they are running through the tunnel, trying to avoid those creatures that cause them to react and swell. He laughs so hard.

17. Laughter.

18. My pastor tweeted the following today: “Laughter increases the activity of antibodies by about 20%, helping to destroy viruses and tumor cells.” We are totally destroying virus’ in my house!

19. We finally got out of the house and made a trip to the health food store and out to eat for dinner. I love spending time with my family.

20. The lady at Dodson’s health food store was so helpful.

21. Judah always eats his entire meal when we eat at Pei Wei. Yes, it is our family favorite.

22. Since we were already in Norman, we decided to check out the Downs Family Christmas Lights show. What great fun. Judah was only interested for about 2 songs, but Gary and I enjoyed it all.

23. Families who are committed to make a difference together.

24. I got to speak with my mom a couple of times today. I think she might start a blog discussing natural health opportunities. It is a huge passion of hers and she is very wise in it.

25. While eating at Pei Wei, Judah loves to watch the random spurts of fire that shoots up from the cooking area. Like his dad, he is fascinated with fire. After seeing a fire burst, Judah made reference to the 3 Hebrew children who were thrown in the fire. He said, “Jesus was in the fire with them.” Then, he said, “Jesus would go in the fire with me.” Now, we quickly explained that, “Yes, Jesus will go through the fire with you.” But, YOU SHOULD NEVER get into real fire! It was a great teaching moment and I am so thankful that my son is learning the Jesus will go through the “fire” of life with us.

26. Jesus.

27. We had a day without schedules and we enjoyed every minute of it.


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