Selah~Day 224

Saturday, December 28…Judah’s 4th Birthday

I remember clearly the moment that they laid my son, Judah, on my chest immediately following his delivery. Every part of my body was exhausted from 10 hours of labor, but at that moment, every good emotion flooded through my veins and brought life to every part of me. I was in utter awe of his presence. I couldn’t even find a word to speak.

Time truly flies when you are having fun and my 4 years with Judah have been full of life, love, and lessons. In honor of his 4th birthday, I am making my list of 27 Thanks about him, my blessing from above.

1. My pregnancy with Judah was great and I had very few complications.

2. The protection, provision, and promises of God rest upon Judah’s life.

3. Judah means praise. Our son is destined to praise the Lord.

4. Gary and I spoke promises over Judah every day during my pregnancy. God’s Word doesn’t return void.

5. Judah loves life. Most mornings, Judah wakes with a great big smile and is ready for the day!

6. Judah loves to sing. I love hearing him sing songs. He especially loves to sing the songs his daddy sings and plays on the guitar.

7. Judah loves to play.

8. Judah has a great imagination. He can turn random, ordinary things into places or things of adventure and fun.

9. Judah is inventive. He thinks through things on his own. I love to watch his mind work as it figures out new things.

10. Judah is curious. He loves to ask questions and figure out the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of an object. I love questions too.

11. Judah is an includer. He loves to help others and usually he includes others in his activity.

12. Judah is adventurous. He has always been great with balance. He climbs, jumps, flips, rolls, and even soars into big piles of laundry! I am so thankful that nothing inhibits his ability to move.

13. Judah loves to laugh. Gary and I love to hear him laugh. He always gives us great big belly laughs.

14. Judah loves to spend time with Gary and me. He likes to be in our home with us most of the time.

15. Judah loves to be comfortable and relax. He could hang out in his pajamas at home on most days.

16. Judah is particular. His has many funny quirks that make me laugh. He loves the numbers 1, 4, and 11. We are always 11 miles from a place, or 4 minutes from eating, or 1 minute from going potty. He loves the colors red and orange. He only wants to eat with his red and orange spoon. He refuses to wear anything but actual pajamas to sleep in at night. And the list goes on…

17. Judah always wants us to hold hands when we pray over a meal.

18. Judah loves to learn. When we are in the car, we have to talk about letters and numbers that we see. He is very observant and wants to know what everything is.

19. Judah loves to play games with Gary and me.

20. Judah loves to sit on my lap.

21. Judah loves to hear my stories. I have so much fun making up stories for him.

22. Judah loves to help. He always pulls up a chair beside Gary or me in the kitchen. He loves to pour in the ingredients, stir the spoon, or measure out stuff.

23. Judah loves to be home.

24. Judah has many characteristics just like his daddy.

25. Judah has many characteristics just like his mommy.

26. Judah keeps life simple and in perspective.

27. God chose me to be Judah’s mommy.


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