Selah~Day 229

My 27 thanks:

1. Gary and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage bliss today.

2. Gary didn’t sleep at all last night at the fire station. He fought two fires at the same location. But, he wasn’t too tired for our fun-filled day.

3. Gary brought home a super sweet card and a single rose that represents something special. When I walked into the kitchen, it brought a sweet surprise and smile to my face.

4. Gary is a great writer. I love that he loves to express his love through words. Did you follow that one?

5. Judah is so excited about his tree house swing set. Unfortunately, he has no concept of the time involved to put it together. He thinks we can have it done within the hour.

6. It is a beautiful day filled with sunshine.

7. Gary and Judah went outside and started working on the swing set. The instruction manual is 120 pages long. I am so glad Gary is a patient man.

8. Patience.

9. Instruction manuals that are reader friendly.

10. I helped Gary with a portion of the swing set.

11. I laid in the grass and soaked up some Vitamin D from the awesome sunshine.

12. My mom wrote her first of many “healthy living” blogs. I helped her edit the contents. She is excited about it.

13. I got to talk with Pastor Marcia on the phone today. I haven’t seen her or talked to her in almost 2 weeks. It was good to hear her voice and Dorothy’s voice too.

14. Judah took a much-needed nap today. He isn’t one to take naps at this stage in life, but he needed one today. I love when he is rested.

15. Abby is super excited about our upcoming kids series, Robots, Inc. She has been running errands for the stage design.

16. Judah loves getting to play with Madilyn and Molly. They are great babysitters and Gary had them scheduled to come over so we could go out on an anniversary date.

17. Gary made reservations for us at Deep Fork Grill. I have always wanted to eat there. They reserved a special spot just for us.

18. Our server was incredible. He blessed us with a complimentary appetizer in honor of our anniversary.

19. Gary and I played a fun walk down memory lane game and revealed our favorite moments of the last 9 years of marriage. Judah’s entrance into the world won first place.

20. Gary and I both tried something new and loved our meals.

21. I didn’t over eat. I could have, but I chose not too. I feel so much better when I don’t get overly stuffed.

22. We ran to Dillards after dinner. We only had about 15 minutes to shop before they closed for the night. Gary found two incredible pairs of shoes for a steal of a deal!

23. Gary and I don’t always need to be entertained. A simple drive through the City and simple conversation, brings joy and fulfillment.

24. Communication.

25. Pastor Ted is feeling better. After a horrible bought of sickness, he is on the mend.

26. I get to do life with my best friend.

27. God created marriage.


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