Selah~Day 230

My 27 Thanks:

1. A very dear friend of mine texted me this morning and delivered an awesome praise report. She had to go back in for another mammogram after the first one revealed “something of interest.” She was scheduled for another mammogram and a MRI. But, after the second mammogram, the radiologist came into her room and said, “We don’t need to do the MRI…that spot is GONE!”

2. I serve a God of the miraculous.

3. My friend is breathing a sigh of relief today.

4. I got to spend several hours this morning reading the Word and publishing some blogs that had been stewing for days.

5. Completed tasks.

6. Gary started working on Judah’s 120 page instruction manual swing set.

7. Gary can handle cold, windy weather.

8. While Gary was working on the swing set, Judah and I painted pictures on his new art easel.

9. Coloring and painting have become very relaxing activities for me. I love doing it. I might need a grown up art easel.

10. Judah loves to paint and he loves to paint our entire family in the picture. He never wants to leave anyone out.

11. My brother, Kyle, came over after work and helped Gary with the swing set.

12. He brought his boys over and Judah was thrilled to have playmates for the afternoon.

13. My husband and my brother are super handy and great with tools.

14. Gary is incredibly precise and loves details. He is a step-by-step, instruction manual kind of guy and I am thankful.

15. When I hang out with my brother, I am always taken back to the days of our childhood. For the most part, we had a great relationship. If we wouldn’t have ever had to share a bathroom, we probably would have been best friends. He still loves to pick on me even in adulthood.

16. Kolt, one of my nephew’s, told me that I am a good cook. He loved the meatballs I made for him. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they were out of a package and I just warmed them up!

17. My friend Lindsey and her family are packing up today for their move back to OKC! Super excited.

18. My in-laws came over for a bit this evening to help Gary with the swing set too.

19. I had a great time visiting with my mother-in-law while my father-in-law froze outside with Gary.

20.  My in-laws are always willing to help out.

21. With both Kyle and my father-in-laws help, Gary was able to get at least half of this project completed…maybe even more than half.

22. We had a chance to say goodbye to Kelli and Kaden and Natalie today. Tears were shed. It is highly likely that we won’t see them for 4 years. They are our sweet military family and will be heading overseas for a 3 year tour this summer.

23. Military families who make great sacrifices for the freedom of us all.

24. Freedom.

25. I am attempting to read the entire New Testament in 40 days. In order to accomplish this task, I have to read at least 7 chapters a day. So far, I am doing quite well.

26. The Word of God.

27. I didn’t leave my house today.


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