Selah~Day 238

Sunday, January 12

Today was a difficult day. I was up all night with Judah, who was sick with a cough and fever. I also am completely stopped up with congestion. Nevertheless, even in days that seem to covered in clouds, rays of sunshine always beam through!

My 27 Thanks:

1. I made it to church.

2. Gary was off work today, so he was able to stay home with Judah.

3. Judah felt so much better than the night before. He was up laughing and ready to play.

4. Judah always bounces back quickly from virus’.

5. Judah is rarely sick. I am so thankful for his health.

6.  I have a fully staffed Kidz Ministry team today.

7. Because of my lack of voice and low energy level, Lorry Gail took my notes and rocked it out on stage.

8. Lorry Gail is on my team! She is prepared in season and out.

9. My friend, Angela, is celebrating a birthday today. She is sweet, kind, caring, and has a special knack for including others. I am so glad she is on our kidmin team!

10. My friend, Janelle, is celebrating a birthday today. She has one of the sweetest spirits around. Her beautiful smile and heart of gold makes any room sparkle.

11. After bad weather and busy holiday plans, our service attendance was back up in high numbers!

12. Growth is the Will of God.

13. The kids continue to love the Robots, Inc. series.

14. In small groups, they had to decode “robot language” to figure out the power verse. They loved the activity.

15. Kids were working so well together!

16. Cooperation.

17. Abby and I were both able to stay home tonight and rest and work on getting physically better.

18. Soft kleenex.

19. Gary is a great nurse. He takes such good care of both Judah and me. Today, he has made me soup and kept a fresh glass of cold lemon water by my bedside.

20. My mom and sister made it home safely.

21. A great opportunity has been presented to Gary. Now, we get to pray and get in on the Lord’s perfect will for us.

22. Gary is a well-respected man of God.

23. Favor.

24. Ear Thermometers…if you remember the days of all the other options…you would be thankful too!

25. The congestion is not in my chest!

26. Even though I work with kids (germ carriers), I am rarely sick!

27. I know the Healer.


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