Selah~Day 237

Saturday, January 11

My 27 Thanks:

1. My mom and sister made a quick decision to come to the City for a weekend visit.

2. Judah and I don’t have to spend this beautiful Saturday at home alone.

3. After a few days of swimming, I have worked out muscles I haven’t worked in a while. So, when I leaned down yesterday to load the dish washer, my back went out. Thankfully, My back is feeling better today.

4. I can walk today.

5. Epsom Salt baths. I had immediate relief after soaking in epsom salt.

6. All-Natural, effective health remedies.

7. We were not in a hurry to go this morning. Usually, when my mom visits, there is never enough time to do all that she needs to do, so we are rushed. But, not today! We get to have a nice, relaxing visit.

8. The weather is absolutely lovely for this weekend and the upcoming week.

9. Sunshine.

10. I drove to Penn Square mall like a champ. I used to hate driving into areas that I was unfamiliar with, but that was not the case today!

11. Confidence.

12. Judah stayed right with me in the mall. We went to Sees candy, rode the escalator, and then went and hung out in the car together. I can walk…just not mall walk yet.

13. Judah loved his vanilla lollipop from Sees candy. It made his day.

14. Judah’s smile.

15. Fun car conversation with Judah. He loves to yell at birds as they fly by.

16. My mom and sister found everything that they needed in a short amount of time and were ready to go home and relax.

17. I got to stop by the fire station and see Gary for a couple of minutes.

18. He let me have his awesome cough drops. They were super soothing to my throat.

19. Gary loves his job and is having a great shift.

20. We had Pei-Wei for lunch and they accidentally gave us two extra meals. So, we had a lot of extras.

21. Pei-Wei for lunch and dinner!

22. Haley and I enjoyed some older chick-flick movies.

23. Even though my sister and I are 11 years apart, it doesn’t seem to be that big of an age gap anymore!

24. Quality time with family.

25. Early bed-time!

26. As I lay my head down at night, I can sleep in sweet peace.

27. Jesus is a Dream-Giver.


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