Selah~Day 240

My 27 Thanks:

1. I woke up and felt so much better today. The fog finally lifted.

2. I have a great family doctor.

3.  Even though I have a bad sinus infection and bronchitis, I tested negative for both strands of flu as well as strep.

4. Gary went to the doctor with me. He is my best friend.

5. The doctor said Judah’s lungs were clear too. His cough is mostly related to allergies.

6. Dr. Rodgers always makes us all laugh. He has the best “bed-side” manner of any doctors I have ever used for care.

7. Healthcare.

8. Great Insurance.

9. I have lost more weight. At the doctor’s office today, I weighed in at a weight that is very close to my weight in college! I only have about 5 lbs to go.

10. Goals are great, but systems that help you achieve those goals are even better!

11. Figuring out systems!

12. Today is Mr. Bob’s birthday. He is an awesome kidmin leader. The kids love him big time. He is faithful and so caring. Gary and I are honored to serve with him.

13. Abby ordered our NEW kidz ministry t-shirts today. I think the team will love the new style of shirt and design.

14. Pastor Ted had a great meeting today with a team of men who are all working together for an awesome men’s event in our City this year. I am excited too.

15. Gary knew that my inability to pay attention to the cleanliness of my home was bothering me. So, he picked up the house, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen.

16. My house is clean.

17. We had a quick, fun family game of chase. Judah loves for one of us to pretend to be a monster and chase the other two around the house. I just love to hear him laugh.

18. Judah and I spent time in his room racing cars and building blocks.

19. Gary got to play his music and have some personal time doing something he loves.

20. For about 5 minutes tonight, Judah let me hold him in a cradled position and rock him like a baby. I miss those days!

21. We don’t always have to go big for dinner. Gary and I are satisfied with simple, easy dinner decisions.

22. Simplicity.

23. Time to think.

24. I didn’t run fever at all today.

25. Judah went to bed early, so I am getting in some much-needed writing time.

26. I love to learn.

27. I have been on this journey for 240 days!


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