Selah~Day 241

My 27 Thanks:

1. I am one day closer to complete healing.

2. I felt much better today than I have felt in the last 3 days.

3. Even though I accidentally shot a nasal steroid spray into my eye, I suffered no side effects!

4. Pharmacist who are easily accessible.

5. Judah went back to school today and had a wonderful time.

6. Gary and Terry came up with a better idea for our Robot’s feet. They look awesome.

7. Gary worked all day on the new idea for robot feet. He did a wonderful job!

8. I was able to go back into work today.

9. Even after missing 2 days of work, I am not too behind. I was still able to check off several items on the to-do list.

10. We had a memorial service at the church today to honor a precious woman of God. She lived a long, wonderful life. Her family was served a most wonderful dinner at the church. Funeral dinner ministry is a wonderful blessing.

11. The people of our church who serve in funeral dinner ministry are amazing servant leaders.

12. Lynn Steele does an amazing job leading that team. I am so thankful for her heart to serve others. This ministry definitely brings a joy to families during a tough time.

13. Outreach ministries.

14. One of my kids was super excited to let me know that he remembered the power verse from Sunday. He told several of the leaders and then he shared it with the whole group. I was super proud of him.

15. My kidmin team enjoys serving together.

16. One of my kidmin leaders, Jay, is doing so much better after visiting the dentist. We are all so glad that Mr. Jay is back to his normal, fun, crazy self! Tooth pain is no joke!

17. We had great discussions about leadership in the Adventure Rangers class. My participation was spontaneous, but I was glad to be a part.

18. I enjoyed walking around and observing all the different ministry rooms. I love seeing kids excited about Jesus!

19. My preschool leads and I shared a most wonderful laugh. They are such a great, fun group. I am glad they are in my life and I am really glad they discovered the sticker page that NEVER should have been in our preschool sticker bin. Still wondering where those stickers came from??????

20. Our new Connect groups kicked off well. I am super excited about the different options offered this  semester…

21. Discipleship.

22. People have the opportunity to connect to God, connect to the Word, and connect to others at our Church.

23. I enjoyed a nice, quick chat with Pam Walker. She is a beautiful woman of God.

24. Gary warmed the car and pulled it up under the awning for me.

25. I am learning to be quiet and allow God to speak.

26. Gary leads our family well.

27. God talks to His kids.


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