Selah~Day 299

Monday, March 17th

My 27 Thanks:

1. I don’t have to live this life alone.

2. I am surrounded by family, friends, and people who are cheering me on!

3. Even though it kept me up almost ALL night long, I am really thankful for anticipation. I am glad that I still anticipate the days ahead of me.

4. I am overwhelmed with excitement for the future.

5. I am completely trusting God with some new adventures and I am actually okay with that.

6. I love to work with people.

7. I strive to have a cooperative, teachable spirit.

8. Appreciation.

9. I wrote 6 different “Thank You” cards this morning to 6 of my kidmin staff and I could have written dozens more. I have the best kidmin team ever.

10. My team shines a light on a weekly basis.

11. Open enrollment for Crossroads Jr. Academy opened today.

12. I had 8 new families, not connected to the church, enroll their child in our school today!

13. Possibilities.

14. Expansion.

15. I got to meet some new faces in our community today. I even got to hug a stranger as she cried about the unfortunate death of her young daughter. She is now helping to raise her granddaughter (Her daughters little girl). This family will be a part of the Jr. Academy!

16. The Event Center provided a peaceful, beautiful atmosphere to handle enrollment.

17. Abby has worked so hard to put together our City Rescue Mission Spring Break Superheroes Camp. She has done well and it is ready to go!

18. When I came home from work, I took a brisk walk around the neighborhood. It was breezy, but relaxing.

19. Opportunities to clear my head.

20. The Book of Acts.

21. The power of the Holy Spirit is alive in me.

22. Signs, Wonders, and Miracles still happen today.

23. Gary cooked dinner tonight. We had spaghetti. It is such a fun food to eat with a preschooler! The noodles are perfect tools for making letters, shapes, and snakes and worms!

24. I am so glad that teachers are enjoying a week off! They are everyday heroes and I am glad they have time off like Spring Break.

25. The Oklahoma Sky.

26. I saw a lot of GREEN today. Green is my favorite color and it was so fun to see everyone participate in St. Patrick’s Day. It’s okay to have fun.

27. Rest. Tonight, I am determined to sleep!


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