Selah~Day 298

Sunday, March 16th

My 27 Thanks:
1. My mom and sister came to church today and the message really ministered to them.
2. My pastor had a weekend “off” from preaching. I know how important this is in my life and I am glad he had some time to work ahead on some messages.
3. Evangelist Pat Schatzline was our guest speaker. Last year, he spoke a message entitled Selah and it changed my life.
4. It was a super cold and rainy day, but people still came to church!
5. After much preparation and hard work, we were finally ready to launch our new KidMotion design. It went well and we discovered some kinks to work out.
6. Kinks can make you better.
7. Failure is a tool that can grow you and make you learn even more.
8. My team is flexible and willing to try anything!
9. I got to have lunch with my preschool team.
10. They were excited about the new curriculum.
11. I ordered the perfect amount of food.
12. Gary and Judah got to have lunch with family while I was at my training lunch.
13. My mom and sister made it home safe to their destinations.
14. I had a nice, short break in between church services and was able to rest some.
15. The Parable of the Prodigal Son.
16. Abby did a great job teaching.
17. Lorry Gail was hilarious in the GeekForce sketch. She went all out and gave it 100%.
18. No matter what the sin, God is willing to run after us if we return to Him.
19. We have a free will.
20. My will is to serve Him.
21. The Anointing.
22. The anointing breaks the yoke that tries to bind us.
23. We were created to be set apart.
24. Even though he was ill, Pat Schatzline preached a great message.
25. We got to see old friends and catch up with one another.
26. We had an awesome response to the altar in the PM service. And, I had an opportunity to pray for people at the altar.
27. Ministry.


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