Selah~Day 300

Tuesday, March 18

My 27 Thanks:

1. The Peace of God surpasses our understanding.

2. It’s windy, but it’s warm.

3. We are reading the book of Acts as a team. I am really enjoying reading these chapters and discussing them.

4. Terry Williams taught in staff chapel today.

5. Terry was nervous, but he did it and he did well.

6. The Spirit of Determination–Do it Afraid!

7. Courage.

8. I had an amazing team of kidmin leaders join me for our City Rescue Mission outreach.

9. We had time to spare after we unloaded and setup. Everything worked out perfectly.

10. My husband is a phenomenal help…always.

11. Judah was happy to stay in staff childcare. We were going to take him with us, but I am glad we didn’t. It made our roles much easier and more effective at the mission.

12. The OKC Thunder remodeled the City Rescue Mission gym and it is beautiful. I am so glad they have such a nice place.

13. The Mission of the City Rescue Mission is beautiful and effective. They are doing great things for OKC. Hope is on the rise in our great City.

14. The kids loved Gary. He had a group of about 10 follow him around the entire time we were there.

15. It was nice to have some time away from my desk doing ministry.

16. Janelle handled Jr. Academy enrollment for me while I was away.

17. For Day One of the mission, we taught about the super ower of Confidence and that we can Always Count on God! We can! We can always count on Him.

18. The story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den is a powerful and effective story for kids. Daniel showed so much confidence when thrown into that pit. I bet he didn’t wonder for a second if God would show up on his behalf. Wow, I want to be that confident too.

19. The kids loved acting out the story of Daniel and putting together the super hero masks.

20. I had a really nauseous stomach when I went to work, but I was determined to get through the day. When I arrived at the mission, my tummy ache was gone!

21. Pastor Marc is an awesome team player. He is always looking for ways to help take some of the load off of a fellow teammate.

22. Gary grilled food for dinner and we enjoyed a very relaxing evening at home.

23. My son has both a mom and a dad in the same home together.

24. We are happy together too. And, we really enjoy being together.

25. I have a home.

26. I have never wondered where my next meal would come from or where I would lay my head to sleep at night.

27. Today marks day 300 of my journey!


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