Selah~Day 302

Thursday, March 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and Gary had a grand morning laughing and playing together.
2. Judah’s laughter.
3. Gary and I shared some quiet devotional time before Judah woke up.
4. Dreams.
5. Everything great begins as a dream.
6. Life lessons from Thomas Edison. Every time I hear about Edison’s journey to invent the light bulb, I am inspired.
7. Edison failed thousands of times, but he learned from every failure and DID NOT quit. Because of his passionate pursuit, he basks in the glory of one of my favorite inventions!
8. Gary helped me run errands for our day at the mission.
9. Pastor Ted gave me a trophy in honor of my 7 years as a Crossroads staff member.
10. We had an awesome day with our kids at City Rescue Mission.
11. They loved the story of Esther!
12. Ice Cream and Bubbles were an excellent favorite for the kids too.
13. My Kidmin team had a blast too.
14. The kids asked us when we would be coming back to see them. We all had a great time together.
15. A Director at the mission told us we were the best group she had ever seen work with the kids.
16. I got to work with a really great videographer.
17. The weather was beautiful and we got to play outside with the kids.
18. Tag, chase, and bubbles are games that never grow old.
19. Disney is awesome, but it will never hold a candle to relationships and quality time and investment into the lives of others.
20. Partnerships.
21. Hope is on the rise in OKC.
22. Life change.
23.Gary’s friend and fellow firefighter, Edmund, came over for a visit.
24. I don’t get easily offended.
25. I chose to be a peacemaker.

26. Sweet dreams.

27. Abraham and Sarah, from the Bible, are great examples of holding fast to your dreams. Through big challenges, family problems, rough circumstances, Abraham and Sarah could have used many excuses to wave the white flag of surrender and give in to defeat and discouragement. But, they didn’t! They held fast to the dream that God has placed in their hearts!


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