Selah~Day 304

Saturday, March 22

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I had a great night’s rest!

2. Gary came home from the station and we got to visit for a bit before he headed back out.

3. He was able to help some of our friends move into their new home.

4. Our friends got a wonderful deal on a great house!

5. Gary loves to help other people.

6. Judah was so excited to spend the day with his cousins.

7. We got to watch Morgan and Abby so their mom and dad could go to Texas for a wedding.

8. Laura was able to borrow my jewelry to spice up her outfit. She loved it and I love to share.

9. Accessories!

10.  Judah, Morgan, and Abby immediately changed into Judah’s superhero costumes! They love playing super hero dress up!

11. I am so thankful that Judah has cousins who are his same age. It will be fun times growing up together.

12. Gary got a lot done in a quick amount of time and was able to spend the afternoon with us.

13. The kids had a blast at chick fil a indoor play area.

14. I met a very friendly mom in the play area. I love it when people are equally friendly to strangers.

15. Grocery shopping is done.

16. I live really close to Crest! I love the friendly, clean, family owned environment of that store.

17. I started reading Pat Schatzline’s new book, The Remnant. It is so good and so full of rich soul food.

18. Gary watched the kids and gave me some time in the evening to rest, clear my head and read and worship.

19. When I was desperate, I called out, and God got me out of a tight spot. Psalm 34:6

20. Kairos moment’s or God Moments take place in our lives. He interrupts our live with the supernatural.

21. We have a personal invitation to spend time with not just anyone, but with the ONE.

22. I am excited about the message in KidMotion tomorrow. When we don’t forgive, we miss out! I live a life of forgiveness and grace.

23. I have a desire to be the Remnant.

24. God knows me.

25. Psalm 139:16

26. God desires every aspect of me.

27. I may be weak, but His Spirit is strong in Me.


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