Selah~Day 305

Sunday, March 23rd

My 27 Thanks:

1. After a sleepless night, I woke up ready to get my busy day started.

2. I always have stuff to do. Boredom is a choice and I choose not to be bored.

3. Angela covered Starla’s position for me.

4. All staffing positions worked out.

5. Holly ran check in by herself and was amazing! I am so thankful for her willingness to serve and her faithful commitment to our team!

6. Our new KidMotion service design went much smoother than the week before. We got into more of a groove.

7. I serve with a team of leaders who always want to get better.

8. Dustin was able to help us out with some sound issues before our service started. I am so glad we did a mic check early, then all could be fixed before showtime.

9. I had a $10 off coupon at Johnny Carinos! I was able to feed my training wheels Sunday school team and Sunday night team a great lunch at a great price.

10. My right hand man, Gary, was at the fire station today. So, I was really thankful that Abby helped me out with my full schedule. She even kept Judah for a while during my training session.

11. Judah and Abby are friends. They seem to like each other well.

12. Mrs. Lori is 100% better. I am so glad to have her back and well. She is vital to our kidmin team.

13. My in-laws kept Judah for me during the second half of my day. I didn’t want him to be at the church for 12 straight hours, so it was a nice relief when I was able to take him to their house for a while.

14. We are putting together something special for Pastor Ted’s upcoming message, Jesus > Your Happy Face. I had 20 willing participants show up for the practice.

15. People excited about supporting the message through drama, dance, and acting.

16. Chemise Stancle is so fun to work with and be around. She makes me want to do a “Happy dance.”

17. New people are participating in creative elements of the service.

18. Pastor Tami is always encouraging of my creative work.

19. There are times when Kidz Ministry gets to be a part of the whole community of the church. For example, we don’t host kidmin services during a business meeting. I am so thankful for a church that supports kids in the main sanctuary. Kids of all ages! And, I appreciate understanding parents who realize that everyone should get to be a part of certain church events.

20. Business meeting went well. Every one seemed to be in good, light-hearted moods.

21. Spiritual covering.

22. We always provide a checks and balances to our church systems. Brandon and the Admin team did a great job with both the information and the aesthetics of the 2013 business plan review.

23. My dad made a quick, surprise visit tonight. I was so thankful to find out that he was coming into town and would stay out my house.

24. After tomorrow, all my grandma’s affairs will be settled.

25. My dad was so excited to talk to me about his worldwide crossfit ranking. Currently, he is ranked 23 in the WORLD in his age group! Wow…he is a hard-working, competitive, determined man!

26. I have a very healthy family!

27. Today is almost over and I can’t wait for tomorrow. I love life.


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