Selah~Day 311

Saturday, March 29

My Thanks:

1. I can hear birds chirping outside my bedroom window in the morning.
2. I had time to drink a little coffee and have devotion time with Gary.
3. I had a most beautiful morning walk.
4. You can talk to God even when you are walking.
5. Peace and Quiet.
6. Judah and I worked in my flower beds together.
7. Time outside.
8. Sunshine.
9. I have beautiful landscaping. God has blessed me with so much.
10. Gary took Judah to Asher’s birthday party. They needed some daddy/son time alone.
11. Asher Hoover is an awesome kid. I am so glad he is a KidMotion kid and shares his love for Jesus with us.
12. Judah had fun and played so hard at the party. He was so excited to bring home Mrs. Amy’s balloons.
13. Amy goes above and beyond to make things the best.
14. I enjoyed time alone with my sister.
15. We had fun shopping together and trying on clothes together.
16. Hannah is home for a visit from Germany. She is a creative, excellent photographer and is taking family pictures for us. We got to do pictures at Lake Hefner.
17. I don’t live on north side of Oklahoma City. There is too much traffic.
18. The weather was perfect and the sun was in a perfect spot.
19. We had so much fun playing in the water with Judah. He smiled from ear to ear when running through the lake water.
20. We got our brand new clothes muddy, but great memories were made.
21. God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.
22. Haley got pictures too. The timing was just right for everything.
23. Gary drove.
24. Saltgrass Steakhouse sent me $25 for my birthday. So, we had take out steaks!
25. Uncle Danny is doing much better. He came over for a brief visit. It was great to see him and know that he is doing much better since my grandmother passed away.
26. Relaxing evenings.
27. Weekends.


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