Selah~Day 310

Friday, March 28th

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and I both woke up excited that we didn’t have to go anywhere unless we wanted.

2. We declared it PJ day until noon.

3. We had lots of snuggle time in the recliner.

4. Judah loves to sit on my lap still.

5. I am so thankful for yummy, gluten-free products. I love my Kind bars. Now, I wish they could make the products more affordable.

6. My sister is in town to get her hair done and spend some time with me.

7. We had fun shopping a little together. I am excited to spend some one-on-one time with her.

8. Gary got out of his class early again. What a nice surprise.

9. We mailed off our taxes. I am so glad tax time is only once a year.

10. We have been adjusting our withholding each year, trying to get a perfect balance where we don’t owe anything and we don’t get anything back. I think we have almost found that balance. Thank God we don’t owe what we owed the year prior! Ha Ha Ha.

11. I am an American and better yet, I am an Oklahoman.

12. Gary, Haley, Abby, and I all went to the movie theater.

13. We enjoyed a fun night out with friends.

14. Madilyn watched Judah for us. She is a great girl who is a superstar babysitter. Judah loves having a night out with Madilyn.

15. I received some encouraging snail mail today. I love getting letters in the mail.

16. The written word.

17. My little friend, Peyton Stimson, is home safe and sound after a horrible fall that resulted in a bad broken arm.

18. Over 300 people from around the community have “Liked” our Jr. Academy page on Facebook.

19. Over 6,300 people have visited our Jr. Academy page on Facebook. I love the free publicity that social media provides.

20. Proverbs 3:26 states that God has a plan to keep us from the traps of life.

21. The place of the cross, although a dreadful, horrible place, represents life for me!

22.The place of the cross is a place where unbelievable suffering took place for Jesus, but it is a place of absolute freedom and victory for me!

23. Regardless of what we have faced, God has a plan!

24. God is our Father and we can approach Him as His children. I can crawl up on His lap and talk to Him.

25. God cares about me…all of me!

26. He is not a respecter of persons, yet He knows how to meet my needs and that may be different from the way He meets the needs of another.

27. God is in the DETAILS.


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