Selah~Day 313

Monday, March 31

My 27 Thanks:

1. I was ahead of the game on my morning routine.

2. Judah told me that the reason he cries when I leave is because, “I don’t want to be away from you mommy.”

3. My mother-in-law took Judah and picked him up from school for me.

4. Transparency and Trust.

5. We have a storm shelter for the approaching severe weather season.

6. I got to minister to a woman who initially came in to the church today to register her daughter for the Academy.

7. I spent some time with my BGMC director, Ms. Crystal. SHe has such a sweet heart for missions.

8. Missionaries.

9. Ms. Crystal blessed me with a beautiful copper globe of the world.

10. A spirit of generosity.

11. Abby and I enjoyed a nice lunch together and fun conversation.

12. Deep, Heartfelt conversations with friends.

13. Discipline. We are disciplined because we are loved.

14. Gary and I had an opportunity to discipline Judah and teach him why he was being disciplined.

15. Pastor Tami shared some great parenting advise with me. I am so thankful for insight from those who have already walked the path.

16. Forgiveness.

17. The heart to apologize for wrong doing.

18. The Word of God brings power into your life.

19. Tools available to help you study the Bible.

20. In the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit gives you tools for effective church growth.

21. discernment.

22. Gary and I both stayed up late together studying. We had a nice, peaceful study time.

23. The Bible is rich with revelation and meaning.

24. When we praise the Lord, the supernatural meets with the natural.

25. When you have inner praise, you will never be in bondage.

26. We are saved by grace.

27. We don’t have to try to out god our God.


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