Selah~Day 314

Tuesday, April 1

My 27 Thanks:

1. I had the honor of teaching in staff chapel today.

2. I studied well. I was confident in my teaching because I was prepared.

3. Preparation.

4. I am so glad for this in-depth study in Acts. I have gained great revelation in chapters that I have read often.

5. New revelation and fresh perspective.

6. Teamwork. I divided my team into groups during staff chapel. The team worked well together.

7. God is my source! He is the source of my strength.

8. First responders. We had to call 911 today for a lady attending women’s Bible study. She is okay. And, the first responders were so wonderful and treated her with such kindness and care.

9. My house was the location of a video shoot for our Easter series. So, I got to leave work early and get it ready for the shoot.

10. Abby came home with me and helped me take care of Judah during the video shoot.

11. Abby and I planned out our Easter KidMotion service. It is going to be awesome!

12. Extended amount of time without interruption to make plans!

13. I got to work with Greg Kuhn on another video project.

14. We officially opened up the application process for employment to the Jr. Academy. I am so glad I finished the application on time.

15. The video shoot went well. Mike McCall is a natural in front of a camera.

16. We filmed a large video project in one hour!

17. Several of my kidmin team leaders have stepped up to volunteer to serve on Easter Sunday! I have the best team ever.

18. Brilliant , Holy Spirit inspired ideas.

19. Gary went to the store for us.

20. He took Judah along so I could cook dinner and have some time to gather my thoughts from a busy day.

21. Peace and Quiet.

22. Gary always buys a few “extra” snack items for us.

23. Hannah showed us a sneak peek from our photo session and she got some great shots.

24. I can consider the source because God is MY SOURCE.

25. I can trust Him.

26. No one played an April Fools joke on me and for that…I am thankful. Well, Starla tried, but she failed miserably.

27. Resolve.


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