Selah~Day 326

Sunday, April 13

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is Sunday Funday. Every Sunday is fun when you serve in Kids Church!
2. Jesus’ plan is always better than our plan.
3. Kids learned today that we can serve others by letting go of what we want.
4. Two new people are joining my KidMotion team.
5. They loved the Kidmotion service.
6. Our kidcrew ministry has grown to another level of excellence.
7. Jesus willingly went to the cross for us.
8. The last miracle Jesus performed was on His enemy. The servant of the High Priest came to arrest Jesus and Peter cut off his ear. But, Jesus always puts others first. He healed the man’s ear. 
9. Jesus is the perfect example for us to follow for putting others first.
10. Miss Cherryl came home with us after church. She is such a great girl.
11. We had steak for lunch. Yummy!
12. Judah ate meat.
13. Gary went back to church early to work with kidcrew. He had a blast.
14. The kids are so excited about our new songs.
15. I was able to take tonight off to recover.
16. Online church.
17. Zach, Pastor Ted’s son and a former kidmin intern, spoke in service tonight on behalf of his master’s commission team. He spoke with such boldness and confidence. I am so proud of him.
18. Pastor Ted filled in for me during the guest welcome spot.
19. Judah and I enjoyed lots of snuggle time.
20. Gary helped me with the mounds of laundry.
21. We have clothes to wear. Lots of clothes.
22. I saw great growth in many of my teammates today!
23. Lori and my Preschool team rocked it as usual!
24. Starla called to tell me how amazing ministry went in the nursery this morning.
25. Everyone is really enjoying the results of our new curriculum design. Even though we are working harder than ever before, the results are SO REWARDING. 
26. Change. 
27. Willingness to change. 


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