Selah~Day 325

Saturday, April 12th

My 27 Thanks:

1. The kids at the City Rescue Mission were excited to see us.
2. We have a great time working with the City Rescue Mission team.
3. Every time I go, I am greeted by the sweetest, smiling faces.
4. Even though it was windy, the weather was perfect.
5. We were asked to put on an Easter service beFore the egg hunt. We said, YES!
6. All of our tech worked perfectly.
7. My Kidmin team was awesome. They led so well.
8. I had more than enough leaders for our event.
9. We had so many eggs that every kid left with an egg basket over flowing.
10. We heard several testimonies of life change.
11. When I minister in a new environment, I always have opportunities to learn something new and chances to learn from mistakes.
12. One mom thanked us for providing a perfect day. We happened to host the egg hunt on the day of her daughters 4th birthday. It was the first birthday she was getting to spend with her daughter because the others were spent in DHS custody. The little girl thought her mom had put our big event on for her birthday! We let her believe that too! It was beautiful.
13. Second Chances.
14. Gary, Tom, and Cody all helped hold up the moon bounce inflatable. We thought we were going to have to shut it down due to the wind. But, the guys held it up instead so the kids could enjoy.
15. All of our egg hunt sights were a huge success.
16. We ministered to 2000+ in our community through our egg hunts.
17. Strategy.
18. Creative ideas.
19. After our egg hunt, we enjoyed a nice lunch with some of our team. I love debriefing and celebrating.
20. Jesus finds value in everyone!
21. He left the 99 to go and find the ONE.
22. He is no respecter of person. He welcomes us all.
23. We can approach Him.
24. Jesus > Your Past.
25. Gary typed out my blog for me. I am so glad he has helped me tonight. Even my fingers are pooped.
26. I laid down at 9:00 PM. Thankful for rest!
27. My Japanese Maple is unreal. I am so amazed by its beauty this year.


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