Selah~Day 328

Wednesday, April 16

My 27 Thanks:

1. Today is my niece, Morgan’s, 5th birthday. She is such a fun, sweet girl. Judah calls her his sister.
2. We are getting to watch the Hoover boys today for Tom and Amy. Judah is excited.
3. Tom and Amy trust us enough to keep their boys:)
4. Judah’s Easter program at his school is today.
5. Christian Education that allows Jesus in school.
6. Judah did so well in his program. He sang and danced to every song.
7. Every time he saw me, he gave me a big smile and wave. I am so proud to be his mommy.
8. We had to wait 45 minutes for the program to start. Asher and Jairus did great waiting. Thank God for games on cell phones.
9. Gary went to Sams with me and helped me buy supplies for our Great Big Giveaway Easter service.
10. We met a group of Norman Firefighters. They were so kind and talkative. They showed Gary their rig. I love being a part of the fire fighter community.
11. Because we were in Norman, we got to go to Pei Wei for dinner!
12. The surprise going away party for Mindy went well and she was truly surprised!
13. Our school is on track to open in September. Today, we completed some big tasks for its opening.
14. Favor.
15. A new family, whom I spoke with earlier today on the phone, came to church tonight.
16. The single mom, who works nights, is trying really hard to get her boys back into church.
17. Rochelle is an amazing first impressions host. She makes every one feel super comfortable and welcomed!
18. I spent the evening in our preschool class. I enjoyed my time with those sweet kids.
19. My preschool team does an amazing job leading preschoolers.
20. I am amazed at how much preschoolers learn. They know so much about the Bible.
21. Most of My Wednesday night team comes straight from work or cooking dinner for their family or working with kids and homework. I am so thankful for my team.
22. Retha helped me count the offering tonight. We had about $10 in pennies to count.
23. The kids are really excited about April’s offering challenge. Boys are winning, so I will probably be buying pizza for the boys.
24. I met the pastor of Victory Norman today. He expressed how awesome he thought are Jesus > _________ campaign is going.
25. Gary stopped on the way home from church and filled up my car with gas. 
26. Gary does big and little things to always put me first. 
27. A long, busy day is in the books.


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