Selah~Day 329

Thursday, April 17

My 27 Thanks:

1. Jesus is Alive Right Now. 
2. Peppermint. 
3. Judah went into childcare today without a huge display of sadness. 
4. The admin team put together an Easter Egg hunt for our staff kids since they didn’t get to participate in the Egg hunts the last weekend. 
5. We catered Swadleys for our staff luncheon. It was so yummy!
6. We had a staff kids egg hunt inside the Welcome center. It was so much fun for the kids.
7. Judah showed other kids where eggs where at. I even watched him find two eggs and give one to his friend!
8. Judah is learning to put others before himself.
9. There are more blessings when you learn to give rather than always receive.
10. I ate lunch with my buddies, Debby and JaQuisha.
11. We enrolled two more kids into the Jr. Academy.
12. Abby and I got everything setup for our Easter service.
13. Abby made the Wal-Mart run for us!
14. I got to work with my friend, Chad, again.
15. He helped us shoot our Easter announcement video!
16. We finalized our Jesus > outreach collaboration video and it is awesome!
17. The new family who came to church last night called to tell me how awesome our kids ministry team was to them. We made them welcomed and comfortable.
18. They are going to consider coming Sunday!
19. Haley made it safely to the City.
20. My lil sister is staying the night with me!
21. Abby and Haley both helped me put together 150 eggs for my Easter message illustration.
22. We watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs together while working. Judah loved that we enjoyed one of his movies.
23. Judah snuggled on the couch with his aunt Haley. He is a snuggler and I am glad he is getting to spend time with Haley.
24. Haley picked up Chillis to go for us and it was yummy.
25. Today is Miss Lorry Gail’s birthday. She is a super star Kidmin leader.
26. Lorry Gail has a special gift for working with special needs kids.
27. Committed leaders.


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