Selah~Day 332

Sunday, April 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. My God is NOT dead.
2. Jesus is Alive.
3. My Hope is in a living God.
4. He is the Word of life.
5. It’s Easter Sunday. I love this day each year!
6. I woke up super sick. I was very concerned as to whether or not I would even be able to make it to church, but God is faithful and I made it through.
7. Gary was a huge help while I was sick all night and in the morning.
8. He cares so much for me.
9. We were able to do a service run through with Amena before our Easter service.
10. My kids ministry team is amazing. 20 of them committed their Easter service to kids ministry.
11. We kicked off our new song, “This little light.” It was awesome and everyone loved it.
12. Mrs. Debbie can hang with the best of them when it comes to dance. Who says that there is an age limit to dance!!!
13. We had record numbers in kids church this morning.
14. I met lots of new families.
15. People come HOME during celebrations.
16. 15 kids raised their hands to accept Jesus as their Savior on Easter Sunday.
17. The kids left with huge smiles and lots of fun goodies in our Great big Easter Giveaway!
18. We play games in kids church.
19. Magic paper…it helped me make an awesome illustration today!
20. We have the evening to spend with family.
21. We spent the entire afternoon with Gary’s family.
22. We dyed eggs, hid eggs, hunted eggs, and had lots of fun.
23. Mom-Mom made a spectacular roast and we all splurged on apple and blackberry cobbler.
24. The rain held off and we had a great time outside.
25. Judah fell asleep as soon as we got home, so Gary and I enjoyed a super cute hallmark movie to end the night.
26. Lives are still changed today because of what Jesus did for us on the cross over 2,000 years ago.
27. He is the Ultimate Sacrifice. There is no greater act of love or humility!


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