Selah~Day 331

Saturday, April 19

My 27 Thanks
1. Oklahomans remember well.
2. I am so thankful for memorials that honor well those who gave so much! 
3. Tragedy brings people together!
4. Beauty comes from the ashes.
5. Judah and I had a lovely morning together.
6. I got off track in the automatic car wash. Judah and I remained calm and thankfully a worker rescued us quickly.
7. He gave me a free, upgraded wash!
8. My in-laws watched Judah for me while I made an airport run to pick up our special guests for Easter.
9. Abby came with me on my airport run. She is airport savvy and made my trip successful. 
10. Matt Owen and Amena Brown-Owen are awesome. I loved hosting them and learning their stories.
11. Poetry.
12. Words. Words are powerful. 
13. I have awesome friends and family who are a huge help during busy working weekends. 
14. Friendships. 
15. Pastor Tami and Maci came over to my house and watched Judah for a short time before Cherryl could get there. 
16. Cherryl watched Judah for us tonight and she is spending the night. We love our Cherryl. 
17. My crazy schedule worked itself out today!
18. I enjoyed meeting and working with the African Christian Fellowship group at OU. They are a really neat, highly motivated group of young people. 
19. Our church provided free food for the event. It was a nice night of fun. I got to pretend to be a young college student again. 
20. Matt and Amena’s piece, Breaking Old Rhythms, was awesome. I loved it! 
21. Gary and I had a great time with friends. 
22. Light-hearted conversations.
23. God protected us. We found ourselves in the middle of a high-speed chase. It is but by the protection of God that we didn’t get hit by the escapee and the 10 police cars chasing him. It was so scary. 
24. Gary is an amazing driver and remains calm under stress!
25. We don’t live a criminals life, nor would we ever do anything that would cause the police to chase after us. 
26. Psalm 91. 
27. Protecting Angels. 


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