Selah~Day 336

Thursday, April 24

My 27 Thanks:
1. I had the honor of officiating the marriage ceremony of two lovely people.
2. The rain stopped in time for the outdoor wedding.
3. The bride and groom blessed Gary and I with gift cards to our favorite restaurants!
4. Gary went with me to the wedding so I didn’t have to go alone.
5. Mom-mom and Pa Pa let Judah hang out at their house and he loved it.
6. Gary and I had a spontaneous coffee date after the wedding.
7. Marriage.
8. God designed marriage. It is a beautiful symbol of Jesus returning for us-and uniting with us at the marriage super of the Lamb.
9. It is not good for man to be alone, so God designed a helpmate! Two is always better than one.
10. I get to spend my life with the most perfect man for me!
11. Mom-mom made Judah the cutest M&M pajamas. Her new sewing hobby benefits us all.
12. Pa Pa’s hand is healing more and more each day.
13. Pastor Marcia sent me a sample of a wedding certificate document filled out. I was so thankful for the reminder.
14. New beginnings and fresh starts.
15. I am a victor, I don’t have to play the victim card.
16. We were able to cancel our night at the resort without paying any penalties and they are letting us reschedule.
17. We made another trip to Lowes and got a great deal on our landscape rock.
18. Gary made our front flower bed beautiful.
19. My crate myrtle is going to live and thrive.
20. Ms. Sharon, our neighbor, brought Judah over an ice cream bar. She has won him over.
21. We found a birds best with a baby bird in it. We had fun watching the mother feed it.
22. Judah is full of energy! I love watching him ride his bike and his scooter.
23. Judah is turning into a Math whiz. He loves numbers and he does Math in his head.
24. I live in a quiet, peaceful cul-de-sac.
25. God heard my cry and He answered me.
26. Life.
27. It is Well with my Soul.


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