Selah~Day 340

Monday, April 28th

My 27 Thanks:
1. I am officially another year older. I am so thankful for life.
2. I was able to encourage someone this morning who is going through a very tough time.
3. God uses your story to bring hope and healing to others.
4. Mom mom helped me out big time today. She went and picked up snacks for Judah’s class for me. I forgot it was my turn:(
5. Mom Mom also picked up Judah from school for me.
6. I got to attend an awesome conference today.
7. Our church hosted it!
8. I got to hear from some great leaders like, Nancy Ortberg, Tommy Barnett, and Herbert Cooper.
9. There were a lot of young leaders in the AG fellowship.
10. I enjoyed a great lunch with Nancy Ortberg.
11. Pastor Marcia blessed me with her ticket.
12. The childcare for this event has worked well.
13. Dean and Joy  Guthrie, OCM Pastors, are a delight to work with.
14. They love our space and are excited to use it.
15. Our facility is a great blessing!
16. The worship for Century Leadership was amazing and just what I needed.
17. Tommy Barnett’s message spoke volumes to me.
18. I ran out of note room in Herbert Cooper’s message. I love hearing the teaching of the Word.
19. For the most part, all bad weather has stayed away from Moore/Norman/OKC.
20. We have a storm shelter.
21. Core Values.
22. Judah and I worked on writing his numbers tonight. He loves to learn.
23. Teaching Game Apps.
24. Judah and I sang the theme song to “Guess How Much I Love you” together.
25. I have the sweetest little boy.
26. Bedtime snuggles.
27. I am blessed.


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