Selah~Day 354

Thursday, May 15

My 27 Thanks:

1. Gary is off work today.

2. Gary made scrambled eggs and sweet potato pancakes. I was never much of a breakfast eater until I married a breakfast of champions kind of guy. He always makes us yummy breakfast.

3. Firemen can cook!

4. Abby and I had a morning recording spot with the Oasis Radio Network.

5. They want to promote our Jr. Academy.

6. Cherri, the radio host, was super sweet and accommodating.

7. We are getting the word out more and more about our Jr. Academy.

8. Gary and Judah got to go to the YMCA today and workout and swim.

9. Gary loves to have fun with Judah.

10. Then, they met me for lunch at one of our favorite places, Qdoba.

11. I got a lot of much-needed work done today.

12. My vacation leave was approved. Gary and I are so excited to take some time off together with our family before the hustle and bustle of summer events begin.

13. I got to see my buddies, JaQuisha and Debby, for a brief time. It’s nice to be able to drop in and see their faces every now and again. They are awesome ladies who love kids and love people.

14. Thursdays are my Fridays.

15. Modern-day convenience. I am so thankful for things like a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and running water.

16. Today is the wedding anniversary of our dear friends, John and Holly Stimson. They married so young and continue to grow old together.

17. Gary and I share many fun memories with John and Holly.

18. Anniversaries.

19. Friends.

20. I had some time alone with the Lord this evening. Those times are so valuable to me.

21. Worship music. Music has such a powerful way of ushering the presence of the Lord.

22. Gary ran to the store to pick up some items for us and gave me a chance to have some quiet time.

23. When he got home, he prayed with me and over me.

24. My husband and I are equally yoked.

25. I can cast all my cares on the Lord because He cares for me.

26. He knows me. He has memorized me.

27. I can go to Him when I am weary, and He gives me rest.



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