Selah~Day 359

Tuesday, May 20

My 27 Thanks:

1. Judah and the girls woke up excited and ready for the day. They were so happy to still be together.
2. I loved sleepovers as a kid. I had such a great group of girlfriends who made sleepovers an absolute blast.
3. Gary brought us all donuts on his way home from working out.
4. He brought me an apple fritter and I only ate two bites!
5. Will power.
6. I made it to work on time and with 5 minutes to spare.
7. Tuesdays are staff chapel days!
8. Pastor Marcia and Dorothy invited me to have lunch with them.
9. They took me to Charlestons!
10. They paid for it too!
11. During lunch, we talked about the amazing health benefits that come from living a life of gratitude.
12. Pastor Marcia listened as I shared my heart about my 10K reasons thankful journey.
13. Pastor Marcia is going to lend me her analytical expertise and help me with a big project.
14. Teamwork.
15. Even though my day didn’t go as planned, I got a lot of work done.
16. Patrick and Rochelle Sims donated ALL of our needed snacks for Sports Camp.
17. Natasha, Dori, and John all helped me unload the snacks!
18. I got permission to host the ceremonies for sports camp in the event center. This location change will be so much better!
19. Mrs. Bandy is going to join us for Sports Camp. I am so excited to see her for the week!
20. I get to go home everyday to the sweetest of husbands.
21. Judah greeted me with a great big smile and hug.
22. Gary had dinner ready for all of us when I got home.
23. Mom Mom and Pa Pa came over and picked up the girls for their turn. We enjoyed a nice visit.
24. Judah went to bed early. He was tired from two full days of non-stop play.
25. It has been one year since the devastating events of the May 20 tornado. Beauty has come from the ashes. 
26. The community of Moore is better and stronger because of the storm. 
27. I received an amazing email from my friend, Ava, who lost EVERYTHING in the storm. Today, she is building a brand new home and has a new perspective on life. She is soaring after tragedy. 


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