Selah~Day Two

In KidMotion this morning, I taught about the importance of being honest. The story we discussed was the man of God from Judah and the old prophet in 1 Kings 13. The man of God was told by God not to eat or drink while he was in Bethel. You see, he went to Bethel because God told him to tell King Jeroboam to stop burning incense on the altar and to get rid of the pagan shrines. King Jeroboam wanted the man of God to be seized for his words, but as he raised his hand to give the command, it became paralyzed in its place. The man of God from Judah restored the King’s hand and refused the King’ offer for food, drink, and a gift.

The man of God from Judah starts back on his way home. However, his path is intercepted by an old prophet who LIES and tells the man of God from Judah that he too has heard from God and God told him to bring the man home for food and drink.

The man of God from Judah disobeys God and the Old Prophet LIED. If you continue to read, a lion attacked the man of God from Judah when he was on his way home and killed him. Disobedience is dangerous and lying not only destroys you, but it can cost the lives of others.

This was a heavy message for our kids, but we added a game or two that lightened the load. But, I want our kids to learn young how important it is to tell the truth even if it means you will get into trouble.

My List of 27 Thanks:

1. Xavier, a boy in KidMotion, asked me to forgive him today because he told me a lie last Wednesday night at church. He had such a repentant heart and told me how sorry he was and that he was going to try harder to always tell the truth.

2. The innocence of a child and the heart to do what is right.

3. Judah yelled, “Mommy,” in the hallway. Then, he took off-full speed ahead-running into my arms. He smiled the whole way!

4.  Gary did so well on stage today. I am so glad that my husband partners with me in minstry.

5. My KidMotion team surprised me with a cake with trick candles, the Happy Birthday song, and a gift card. They sure know how to make a girl feel special.

6. The right kind of Surprises make one smile. I smiled today!

7. Time off work to relax with family.

8. Lorry Gail was super excited about our summer KidMotion series, Off the Rails. She is a blessing to our team.

9. The kids worshipped with their whole hearts today. Hearing them sing “Amazed” would move you to the altar.

10.  Judah fell today and scrapped his knee. He immediately cried out for me to come to his rescue. How I love that little boy!

11. The brand new head towel wrap that my sweet friend Jen made for me. I have always wanted one of those.

12. Wide open spaces.

13. A mom told me today that she came back to church a second time because her kids begged her to bring them back to KidMotion.

14. Women of mystery. I saw so many women at the Arts Festival today who were dressed for the street corner. There is so much beauty in a woman who brings mystery to her body.

15. Music that lifts up the name of Jesus.

16. Even though we had several key leaders out today, Kidz Ministry ran flawlessly.

17. My friend, Ava, is okay. She fell during the Memorial Marathon today and fractured her wrist in 4 places. But, she is okay! She has such a strength and friendly spirit.

18. 35 people responded to our Kidz Ministry video and asked to join our kidmin team.

19. Updated sound system brought great energy to our kidmin service.

20. Walks with Gary and Judah. Especially when we all hold hands.

21. I caught Gary starring at me.

22. He told me I was a beautiful woman.

23. Judah is happy with a stick and an acorn. He played for over an hour with those two items.

24. Judah laughs at simple things, like waterfalls and getting splashed.

25. Rochelle covered check-in tonight so I could have the evening off with my family.

26. I am so glad that I may be in this world, but I am NOT of this world. Time at the Arts Festival and interaction with thousands of people from all walks of life, make me truly grateful to be a child of God. What a blessed life I lead because I am obedient to Him.

27. Home. There is no place like it, even if it is a temporary location.


One thought on “Selah~Day Two

  1. I will sheepishly admit that when Madelyn was telling us what she learned about at church…I had NO idea what she was talking about. I need to read that for myself! All these things are wonderful, (I hadn’t heard about Ava…glad she is okay) but I think my favorite is #18! That video is so moving, how could you NOT respond?

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