Selah~Day Five

Parenting is a tough job and it is one that I don’t want to mess up. I am so thankful that God chose me to be Judah’s mom. He is trusting me to raise, guide, protect, care for, and teach and train His most precious posession-mankind!

I never thought parenting would be that difficult until I became one. How many times did I say to myself, “those people just need to spank that child and make them behave!” Little did I know. Thank God for GRACE!

I had no idea how difficult it would be to discipline my own child. Because I have a teaching/education background, I love discipline, order, respect, control, routine. Surely my great skills in the classroom would make me great in the home! Judah is teaching me so many new things about myself. I actually hate having to discipline someone who I have the most wonderful relationship with. However, I know discipline is a sign of how much I do love him! It is a perfect example of how God disciplines me in LOVE.

Currently, I have to draw a line between what is “truly cute” and what needs to be addressed as inappropriate behavior. Judah makes me laugh though and sometimes when I should respond with punishment, I instead respond with laughter. Oh boy, I need some work. But, the first step in recovery is to accept responsibility! Ha Ha! I am working on it. And, Gary is helping me.

My List of 28 Thanks:

1.  Thank God for Grace.

2. Thank God for second, third, fourth… chances when I mess up.

3. Thank God that I am Judah’s mom.

4. For blessing me with parents who disciplined me in love.

5. For blessing my husband with parents who disciplined him in love.

6. For all the scriptures in the Word that help lead, guide, and direct parents in the way they should parent effectively.

7. For a great relationship with my son. He loves to spend time with me.

8. For wisdom and knowledge on how to best lead my family from the “wife’s role.”

9. I spoke with a lady named Janice today. She shared her personal story with me. I HAD NO IDEA she had a story. But, I am learning everyday…everyone has a story. Her story was one of loss, triumph, healing, miracles, restoration, etc…It was a great 20 minute conversation.

10. I recruited 5 people to kidz ministry today.

11. 3 of those people are coming to check out services this Sunday.

12. Jose asked me if he could come check out a KidMotion service on Sunday because he loves Wednesdays so much!

13. The boys had a great time at the 911 dispatch center.

14. The boys were obedient, respectful, and rode safely in the church vans.

15. My leaders had a great time too.

16. Mr. Jeff did a great job teaching the Law Enforcement Unit and organizing fun trips for our Discovery Rangers.

17. My 5th grade girls performed their puppet sketches tonight to the preschoolers.

18. The preschoolers loved it. They laughed and laughed and laughed. They wanted more.

19. I loved watching my girls sit down with the preschoolers and teach them how to use a puppet.

20. Gary brought me lunch today, so I could keep right on working.

21. I got a lot of work accomplished today.

22. Judah told me, “I saw  Mr. Bob do it, so I did it too.” I am thankful for Godly influences in my son’s life.

23. I got home before 10:00 p.m. tonight.

24. Rochelle covered a class for me again tonight. She is a gap filler. Always willing to jump in and help and she makes every situation fun! She has a gift.

25. The kids loved the opening activity game tonight.

26. I get to watch kids have fun.

27. Judah was so obedient in his class tonight. I was able to observe his class and he listened to the teacher’s instructions and did exactly what she said.

28. I got lots of kisses from Judah tonight while tucking him into bed.


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