Selah~Day Thirteen

Life is so precious. It is truly a vapor compared to eternity. In a moment, one can go from life to death. Our family experienced that truth today when my husband’s 34 year old cousin passed away suddenly. In times like this, I am completely aware of how precious each moment is and how important it is to live each day to its fullest. I don’t want to waste a day living outside of the perfect purpose God has for me. We should seize every moment to value our life and the lives of others.

No matter what the days may hold, this is my stance!

The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning
It’s time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes

Bless the Lord, O my soul
O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name

My 28 Thanks:

1. God has a purpose for me.

2. He values life.

3. I value my life.

4. I value the life of others.

5. I work really hard to make sure everyday is defined by a purpose.

6. I don’t waste time.

7. I was there when someone needed a shoulder to cry on.

8. I have such a caring family. They always help out when there is a need.

9. Judah was so excited to get to go with Mom-Mom to Ethan and Evan’s house today.

10. Judah told me all he ate today was donut holes. The cute part…the way he says, “Donut holes.”

11. Gary drove me to work today, then he stayed all day and helped me launch ads for big events.

12. We figured out a really inexpensive, simple way to make one of our most popular kidmin games easy and better looking!

13. I was able to finish two weeks of Kidmin sermons today.

14. Pastor Ted asked me to give him a list of my “wants” in a future kids space.

15. I got to see Danielle’s “heart attack” that she gave Pastor Marcia. It was so sweet and ever so thoughtful. Love when people do that for others. Talk about encouragement. She cut out different colors of hearts and wrote really special sayings on them. Then, she covered the WHOLE door in those hearts.

16. Creative meeting was productive.

17. Pastor Rony seemed really excited about some future possibilities.

18. Lori and Aaron sketched out a preschool growth plan and I think it will work!

19. Gary, Judah, and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Outback tonight.

20. Someone blessed us with the meal.

21. I got an awesome deal on some Kidmotion props at Hobby Lobby today.

22. I spent over an hour playing duplo blocks with Judah on the floor. He made the train and I made the farm. I even googled a picture of a duplo blocks farm. We had so much fun.

23. Judah had a blast tearing apart the tree on my farm!

24. Gary has spent a long time working on something for Mother’s Day. I have no idea. I am excited.

25. I met with UW sports ministry today. We are going to have a great team this year.

26. I am really excited about the next 3 weeks series in Kidmotion. 3 Things I Love about Summer will be a great mini series teaching OBEDIENCE. It is going to be so FUN.

27. Today is Charlie’s birthday. He is such a fun guy, full of life, full of energy, and he makes me laugh all the time.

28. This blog has made such a difference in my life and it is only day 13.


One thought on “Selah~Day Thirteen

  1. I echo number 28! I look forward to every post. Then I grab my journal and write whatever gets sparked. I’m so sorry about your cousin! It’s hard to lose someone so young and the experiences that his family and kids will miss out on. We don’t begrudge him getting a head start in heaven, but it’s still a sad loss for his loved ones.

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