Selah~Day Fourteen

I am super excited about the next 3 weeks in KidMotion. We are going to do a mini series on Obedience and use 3 of our favorite things about summer to illustrate it. For example, this week our favorite thing about summer is getting wet. Well, we are going to talk about Noah. There are a lot of people that got REALLY wet in that story. Our big answer this week is “Obedience brings God’s Promises.” When we obey, we activate God’s Promises in our lives. Noah’s obedience activated God’s promises in his life, as well as for the future. God promised never to flood the earth again. Noah didn’t just obey, but he had the right answer, the right actions, and the right attitude towards his obedience to God. Think about it, it took YEARS to build that ark and God wanted it exact. Not to mention, Noah was made fun of by others. He was definitely going against the flow. Nevertheless, we don’t read were Noah complained, whined, or even waivered in his obedience to God. Everyday, he made a decision to obey God.

While meditating on this thought, I realized that I have reached a point were it is easy to obey God. Disobedience towards God is actually difficult. Thankfully, I would rather just obey right away and reap the Promises, Protection, and Rewards that God has for me when I obey. After all, obedience is better than sacrifice.

Lord, please reveal any area of my life where I am not obeying you with the right answer, the right action, and the right attitude. I don’t want to obey you out of reluctance a mediocre heart, but rather out of a submissive spirit that DESIRES to please you in every way.

My 28 Thanks:

1. God promised to never flood the earth again.

2. I love His beautiful reminders of His promises, like the Rainbow.

3. I find it easier to obey than disobey.

4. Obedience brings God’s Promises.

5. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

6. A submissive spirit that desires to please God in every way.

7.Gary, Judah, and I got to start the day with a nice, long walk.

8. I had a great conversation with my new friend, Jen, today. She is making puppets for kidz ministry.

9. We got to go to Penn Square Mall today.

10. We got an AWESOME parking spot at Penn Square today. That never happens.

11. I went to Dillard’s to look for a bedspread I found online. I found it. But, I didn’t like it in person. However, I found a bedspread that I absolutely LOVED.

12. The bedspread I loved was 50% OFF!!!!!

13. The sweet lady, who worked in the bedspread department, let me take out several bedspreads and spread them out over a bed. She really helped us out.

14. Judah has a blast riding the escalator. He caught the attention of many people today. We got several, “He is so cute,” comments.

15. I got to eat at Pei Wei today.

16. Judah is amazing with chopsticks. I don’t even try.

17. We had a nice visit with my family out at Kyle and Meghan’s house.

18. Judah hit his head while riding the 4-wheeler, but he is okay and won’t need stitches. Thank God for protection.

19. Gary and Judah had so much fun being out in the country riding 4 wheelers, walking in a creek bed, sharpening knives, and other boy stuff:)

20. My brother, Kyle, has watched so much Duck Dynasty that he talks just like them.

21. My family made me laugh so much tonight.

22. Kyle was able to adjust my back. It feels so much better.

23. My friend, Joyce, reads my blog. She writes too. She left me a really nice comment. Thank God for friends.

24. My grandma and my uncle Danny looked really good today. They seemed healthier today than they have been in a while.

25. People who work hard and finish their degree. So proud of all the college graduates.

26. I found out today that a few kids in KidMotion have battled failing grades all year, but not any longer. With the help of amazing teachers and two really amazing foster parents-they are PASSING!

27. People whose hearts are so big that they share their homes with others who need one.

28. My dad is watching Judah tomorrow so I can go to the Daughter of the King banquet with my mom, grandma, mom-in-law, and others.


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