Selah~Day Fifteen

My mom and grandma were able to accompany me to the Mother/Daughter brunch today at church. It is always a nice time to be together. My mom and I were both dressed in white pants and dressy tops. I also wore an animal print Kentucky Derby hat. We always have fun at these events and seem to dress alike most of the time!

On our way home from the brunch, I witnessed a wreck. Because my mom was sitting in the back seat, she didn’t see it right away. I quickly realized that it was a bad wreck and looked back at my mom and said, “Mom, I am sure someone is hurt, jump out. You are a nurse-you have to help.” Before I even stopped the car, my mom jumped out and ran towards the vehicle that was smoking in the intersection. The lady was trapped in her air bag and was crying out for help. My mom, who does crossfit, threw open the car door and lifted the lady out. (I am thinking, wow, who is this woman..oh, yeah…she is my MOM)! She was an elderly woman with several wounds. But, she was able to walk with my mom’s help. Men had gathered to help with the scene, but my mom had it completely under control. I watched with such awe and appreciation that I called her mom. My mom treated the woman with such care and compassion. My mom didn’t panic, not once. I later told my mom, “If I ever was in a wreck and injured, I would want someone just like you to rescue me!” While we attended to the woman and waited for first responders to arrive, she kept saying”Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, help me.” Once I heard that, I grabbed her arm and begin to pray softly in her ear. While praying, it hit me. Wow! This lady understands the power that is in the name of Jesus too. There is power in the name of Jesus! Great power is released when we speak His name!

We left once they were preparing to load the sweet lady on the ambulance. I would love to know how she is doing tonight. I am sure she is very sore, but ever so thankful to be alive. Her car was destroyed. Thankfully, the young man she hit was okay too.

Now that I have some time to relax from today’s events, my mind was refreshed with two important truths: There is power in the name of Jesus and my mom is a hero to me.

My 28 Thanks:

1. There is power in the name of Jesus.

2. He rescues me.

3. When I call on Him, He answers me.

4. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord rescues them from every one.

5. That woman in the car wreck knew how to call on the name of Jesus.

6. My mom and I were there to help her.

7. It wasn’t as bad as it looked.

8. First responders. I have a personal love for a certain fireman! When you are at your worst, they are at their best!

9. My mom is compassionate, caring, and always meets the need.

10. My mom is so calm.

11. My mom has amazing srength.

12. My mom makes me laugh. She is so funny.

13. My mom is relentless.

14. My mom is passionate.

15. My mom is selfless.

16. My mom always sees the best in people.

17. My mom makes everyone feel really special. She always makes me feel super special too.

18. I got to see my mom today and once again she displayed all these traits.

17. My grandma got to accompany us to the brunch.

18. We got some great pictures together in our fun hats.

19. My mom-in-law looked so cute in her pink hat. She had a nice time too.

20. My dad watched Judah for me so I didn’t have to find a babysitter. Judah had fun with his Pa-Pa.

21. The ladies had so much fun together today at the brunch. The hats were lovely and each told a story about that woman’s character. My friend Holly could barely hold her head up because her hat was so big. But, it was STUNNING and super Holly!

22. The skit group was too cute. They really captured the life of woman in every age range! Fun Fun Fun!

23. Gary’s station collected a TON of money today for MDA.

24. I wore white pants for most of what turned out to be an eventful day and they are not really dirty!

25. Families got to be together today.

26. My friend, Valerie, sent me the sweetest of messages today on facebook. I miss her. We had such good times together. I can’t wait to celebrate with her this July as she says, “I do,” to her sweetie.

27. The set for Mother’s Day turned out even better than I pictured it. Tomorrow’s service will be awesome. Kdis service will be awesome too!

28. Going to be before 11:00 p.m.



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